The Age campaigns in Return of Rome are great!

The two classic Age of Empires campaigns recently ported to Return of Rome are great to play! The mission presentation slide screen is beautifully drawn in the Age II style, while it keeps the same text and maps so characteristic of the original.

Text that used to appear after victory (or defeat) in a mission could also be included as dialog boxes before the “You Are Victorious” text appears, but as a final charm, they are not at all mandatory.

The maps are the same as the DE version, but all of RoR’s little trinkets and decorations added to each of them make them feel fresh and more polished.

I hope that after the next Voices of Babylon and Glory of Greece, more will be added next year! Now it’s time for an Age II DLC.

Hey devs, keep up the good work!


The trinkets/decorations are all fuzzy and poorly rendered due to shoddy work by the graphic team of ROR. Needs to be fixed but no one seems to be doing anything.


They are missing the outro slide screen when we finish the missions though. Otherwise I’ve enjoyed them.

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I’m sorry, but seriously? What? They are absolutely awful to play. Well below the standard that would reasonably be expected of a modern campaign. I genuinely can’t understand how anyone would enjoy this. The levels are super boring, there’s no variety, no ingame dialogue, no outro slides, literally no story at all. The number of levels is really strange, the objectives are bland and straightforward. Just a terrible campaign experience. Have you actually played any of the good campaigns? Either the initial RoR campaigns (which I don’t like because it’s RoR, but they’re up to standard), or some of the best campaigns in the base game, like Jadwiga or Grand Dukes.


This seems to have been writen by an AI.


When I played the first scenario of the first punic war I genuinely thought it was a joke.


No, no, no and no.

They have ported the original Rise of Rome campaigns, not the Definitive Edition remade ones. We shouldn’t be happy about that, plus the graphic rendering problem is something that should be fixed.


I much preferred the DE versions, especially for the First Punic War. The Struggle for Sicily is just baffling, I know it was originally part of a demo version but it really feel like a part of a tutorial and being stuck in Tool Age doesn’t make any sense in addition to being boring. In DE it had been replaced with the Battle of Agrigentum, which was a proper scenario. And the DE’s Battle of Mylae was far more interesting, with many small islands, more resources on the map which you sometimes need to fight your enemies to gain access to, and the way Sicily is represented is just far more interesting.

For everything else I just subjectively disagree, but this is just flat out wrong.

Anyway, I’m personally not very excited to see the old campaigns added to the game, especially if it’s just the old CD versions with nothing interesting added to it. It just feel like nostalgia grab with no added value, and the worst part is that it works. Getting Glory of Greece back means we most likely will never have a newer Greek campaign and that we won’t get anything else for Alexander the Great than one single scenario, and not even the DE version of it with a far more interesting map than the bland CD version.


Ok, I agree that a full remake with dialogues and triggers would had been the best, but at least keep the DE scenarios and not the CD versions

I highly doubt that is a bigger effort.


I didn’t play AoE 1, so I can’t say whether it got better or worse after the transfer. But I can definitely say that the two “new old” campaigns look simply terrible in comparison with anything else. At the beginning, I didn’t even believe that after 3 missions the Carthage campaign was over. I thought something had gone wrong and I had to check - yes, that was really it… Not a single picture! Not a single dialogue! Not a single speaking character. The missions look essentially random. Well, yes, this probably reflects how everything was in the original game back in the 90s. But at least it was possible to make beautiful epilogues with pictures and a cool story “this empire existed like this later on and screwed in this or that century because of this but its legacy remained bla-bla”… Devs should have give us at least SOMETHING!


I find the decision to include ports of these particular campaigns very strange.

Ascent of Egypt is entirely tutorial except, arguably, for the last scenario, and Struggle for Sicily is also a tutorial – so out of 15 scenarios, at least 12 are tutorials. Since RoR is an expansion for AoE2, it really doesn’t need these kinds of tutorials – no one playing it doesn’t know how hunt or train units or build farms. It certainly doesn’t need this level of granularity, and the first six scenarios could easily have been merged into one or two.

The First Punic War was originally a demo campaign. For completeness’ sake, it was nice that it was included in and reworked for AoE1DE – but I find it hard to believe that anyone considered it a must-have for RoR, especially since this “new” version isn’t even a port of the DE rework.

Also, there seems to have been no attempt to update these campaigns to use any of the features that weren’t available in AoE1. They don’t even include the ending messages that were in the originals! So what we’ve ended up with are incomplete direct ports of campaigns from 1997/98.

All of this is fine, of course, since these campaigns are essentially a free bonus – but I think it would have made a lot more sense to port the DE versions of the three original non-tutorial non-demo campaigns.


I think it’s just a nostalgia operation… they know their fans, it’s quite a conservative community.

Not really. They would be free if everybody who has the base game could play it. Or even everybody could have a demo of AoE games having these campaigns for free. But no, they are inside of a payed DLC. I understand what you mean but… no.

And I also think that transferring content for the sake of quantity and ignoring quality was a bad decision. They did not improve the quality of the game, but diluted it.

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Nostalgia factor didnt matter because these campaigns were already remade for DE in a better quality scenario, and nobody complained.

They’re at least free to me. They weren’t advertised as being part of RoR when I bought it, and I didn’t pay anything extra for them to be added. Sounds like they were free to me.

On the other hand, if you bought RoR after they were announced, I suppose you could argue they weren’t free for you, just part of the DLC.

I mean if they don’t use it as an excuse to not add a proper greek, Egyptian or Carthaginian campaign it’s ok to have them. They do no harm, but only with that condition.

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