The Age of Empires III DE team should rework Native American Civilizations

I would vote for having both, and giving the Temples, Mercenaries.

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The plaza for Aztecs and Incas can have different appearances, though. Right now they are very “tribal” looking.

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Well, about the mills and the estates, there’s some similarity for any civilization.

The word “Azteca” is known, it comes from the mythical city of “Aztlan” where the Mexicas come from, but once they settled on Lake Texcoco they never called themselves Aztecs and much less when the Triple Alliance had been founded, It is known that they called themselves as: Mexicas to the Tenochtitlan people and the empire as "Tenochca Empire " by both indigenous and Spanish sources, so for the historical period and culture that the game encompasses, “Aztec” it is wrong.

It’s not a discussion, it’s just a clarification, they won’t change it anyway.

Aztecas o mexicas: ¿quiénes fundaron México (y por qué causa confusión)? - BBC News Mundo.


Thank you for the Information, that clarifies the things.

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I think that the points about buildings architecture and the proper nomenclature for the civilizations itself, while valid, are a bit nitpicky.

I do agree that the Native American civs could use some reworks. The awkward “Tribal Marketplace” situation is the first issue that comes to mind. I also would prefer the addition of proper temples to replace/complement the “Community Plazas”, at least for the Aztecs and the Incas. And I also would like to see more unique flair being given to each civ’s crops, I even made a post about it a few months ago.


I love your proposals by the way, another thing that can be mentioned is that the “Mexicas/Aztecs” in the game don’t even speak Nahuatl.

I agree that changing the structures is finicky, but it is appreciated that you mention it (in any case the metropolis teonochtitlán is very precise)


i don’t know if they speak Nahualt or not since i don’t know the language xd, but is true that if the Age of Empires team wants to do videogames that are historically precise; then, they are kinda wrong. However the most accurate Native American civs that i have seen, are the “Incas”, and of course, they have mistakes too, but small ones.
And i could even post much more suggestions to improve the Native Americans, but i would magnify the topic too much and is obvious that the team will not do everything that i’ve posted.

I know a little bit of Nahuatl and I can confirm that not a phrase is real, in fact they are made up words, like the Aztecs in age 2, it is annoying because it is known that the “Aztecs” spoke classical Nahuatl, very similar to central modern Nahuatl (not to say identical)

Wow, i didn’t know that. That needs a change then.

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They even put the real nomenclature of the civs, but this just appears in compendium. (names in brackets)


Exactly, that puzzles me even more, it’s like they know it’s wrong but still don’t change it.

By the way, I have thought about it and you are right with the buildings, they are very faded hahaha

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They changed the names of Sioux and Iroquois not because precision, but because they were names originated from insults.

Comunity plaza seems okey to me, maybe except Lakota (plazas are a thing of urban socities, not to nomads, but I can imagine a center point between the tipis were people gather around). Maybe would be cool a aura in the units tasked on the plaza for gameplay reasons to easily identiify who’s working.

My main concern is the Tribal Marketplace, seems very out of place. For gameplay mechanics, it could have been built at the top of the mine and with better animations to represent they intended task: working with tobacco, skining pelts, etc. Allies could work at the mine rate on the building. That would be a better proxy than now.

Voices are not well mastered (sound level) and there’re only a male and female variation, that’s also a problem.

Then you have some oher problems with south american tribes: if the troope of american native animal lover was a problem, why Tupis still able to train cougars.

Finally asian civs are who needs more the change becaue they are designed in a meme way. First all the monk related stuff (common, they had generals), but the changes needed would alienate the player base and would be a big change: maybe the more history correct civ from TAD are Japan.

India have almost a caste based barracks, plus unhistoricall numbers of camels and elephants units

China chu-ku-nu was never a backbone common unit, the same with flamethrower

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the actual Mexica buildings are awful, nothing compared to the real ones. Just imagine how Beautiful Tenochtitlan was when Spaniards described it as Seville.

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Iroquois was not an insult. Haud speakers usually ended a sentence with “hiro”, which means “I have said”.
So the French merchants literally named them “Hiro-Qouis” (Said-What, What-Was-Said).

It was never an insult, it was a reference to a speech pattern.

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I never get people asking for accurate civilisation names. That’s not proper names, it is translatable.

Do you imagine if we start asking for Germany to be Deutschland or Dutch Nederland ? Not even talking about Japan or China…

That’s the same thing.


There are some hilarious facts in history when we talk about terms; for example with the peninsula of Yucatan. the Spaniards gave the name of Yucatan to the region because the Mayans answered their questions with the expression “Uh yu ka t’ann”, which in Mayan means: “listen how they speak”, and the Spaniards understood “Yucatan” as the place they were.
However when you are new and open AoE III DE; the team even clarifies that they made changes to some Native American terms because the old ones were offensive or wrong (without sense).

If some peoples dislike the name they are called they can request others to change it though. E.g. Myanmar is no longer called Burma.
They changed “Iroquois” or “Sioux” because some native American groups want to be called by their own endonyms. If one day Germans as a whole request the world to call them Deutsch I believe that will be changed as well.


No. That can’t work that way. Each langage can’t be change because someone else wants it. I mean, man, literally every city has another name in every langage. Do you literally imagine the ammount of works it needs ?

I’m French, but stop calling me French, I’m français now. ^^

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Well if French ends being an insult or a wrong way, then it should change.