The AI isnt building walls

Is it just me or is the AI almost never building walls? If seen the AI building walls 2 or 3 times and if they did, they ended up like a swiss cheese cauz they are unable to close the gaps who remains if there was a forrest. If this a well known “problem” or is the AI supposed to work like this?

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I have certainly played some games against the AI where it has successfully fully stone walled its base without gaps.

Interesting. Do You use a specific map? Or a specific difficulty? Im just playing on very hard

The recent time when I remember it happening was dry arabia, with the AI on hard. It had plenty of time because I was doing the HRE mastery where you have to convert 10 units with a prelate, so I had 4 prelates with a relic each who sat inside my base waiting for the next scout to come along.

Thanks, all! There are some AI wall-building changes coming (not in the Spring Update). That said, there are some minor wall bugs that I believe are landing in the SU which should help confuse the AI a bit less.

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