The AoE lll DE chat system

Why being in 2022 the chat system is so archaic?

  • You can’t see when your friends are online
  • You can’t leave messages to your friends
  • In general chat is very uncomfortable to use and not very intuitive

Or am I missing something here? Even AOE3 [2007] Vanilla had the option to see your friends online and other stuff.


Devs are stubborn. They know better than you and I

Add: Chat messages are slow in arriving and display after 2 seconds.

It should have changed like this: Online status, absent status, in game status (also hoping for more info such as how long has it been if it has been doing treaty, supremacy, deathmatch etc) also adding a nice do not disturb (we only ask for the features of starcraft2 in a more advanced way).

Oh I forgot is add a blessed chat while searching for ranked games so I communicate with my mates without reading 2/3 different chats (possibly also an allied civilization viewer (tell me if I ask too much so I calm down).