The AOE2 crew needs a community moderator

Not exactly a bug, but I’m posting here because I feel like it’s the only way to get a response, or to be heard.

You guys seriously need a community moderator who at least ACKNOWLEDGES and REPLIES to all posts that need the attention of the developers or the company behind the game.

I’ve seen countless threads and bug-reports that have either not been acknowledged or responded to.

A simple “Gotcha, we’ve seen this message. Blah blah we are working on something.” or “Nope, we can’t implement this due to this and that, sorry.” would work.

Just give us something. There’s a lot of frustration everywhere. In almost every thread I see regarding a bug or a feature request, people are super frustrated due to the lack of acknowledgement or replies.

These guys are your ambassadors. Your most dedicated players. You should show them respect and respond to them relatively quickly. Let them feel that they are actually being heard, instead of just saying that you hear our feedback.


Hi @ffMathy, I completely agree that we need someone on the community team at Microsoft who is well-informed on the state of development and actively engages with most bug reports. Many months ago I asked for this but then COVID-19 hit and changed how we all work. This really wouldn’t be a volunteer community moderator role because volunteer community moderators are simply players with moderator abilities.