The Arabian Open Masters | $600+ USD 1v1 Dry Arabia Only Tournament | January 20th to 22nd

Hello everyone,

I am happy to announce a brand new tournament today. The Arabian Open Masters, is a one-off event centered around Dry Arabia. All matches will be played in said map, but players will have plenty of opportunities to prove they are worthy of the honor and the treasure of being number 1.

The starting prize pool is $300 USD, but you can help add to it by donating through Matcherino. You don’t need to donate directly either. You can do the sponsor quests found on the right sidebar; those add small amounts as well. The goal is to reach $2000 by the end.

The Arabian Masters icon Format:

  • Play-ins: (Friday 20th)
    • Swiss-style play-ins at various timezones. 5 rounds of Best of 1.
    • Pacific 09:00 GMT > 8 players advance.
    • Europe 19:00 GMT > 16 Players advance.
    • Americas 01:00 GMT > 8 Players advance.
  • Top 32: (Saturday 21st)
    • 4 players from the upper side advance.
    • 4 players from the lower side advance.
  • Top 8: (Sunday 22nd)
    • Double elimination Bracket.
    • No Grand finals reset.

Prizes are given out to the top 32 players. You can see the detailed breakdown in the tournament page.

The Arabian Masters icon Signup & see all the details in

Big thanks to Rising Empires, who will be supporting the event via Streaming and their discord.



Over 50 players have signed up already, and the prize pool is now $600+!

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Update :
The prize pool is now over $700, and there are over 60 players signed up! This is the final week to get into the event

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I hope there will be more tournaments, for work reasons I have not practiced lately