The Art of War missions - is it really important to get a gold medal?

I know i’m probably clutching at straws, but after 20 hours of trying to get the gold medal in the early eco mission (I was 1 villager off) and 30 seconds off… am I just being stupid by only getting the silver medal?

I’m guessing the other missions in the Art of War are much more important.

I should just move on and do the other missions shouldn’t I? :smiley:


Really important for what? I think the important thing should be that you have fun with the game

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Some say you will “git gud” if you finish all of then in gold - it’s no easy task, gold is meant to the best game times possible in the challenge, that’s expert people stuff.

A silver medal is more than enough. I wasn’t able to get it tho, even being a fairly decent & experienced player.

Actually gold is 30 seconds below the best time possible (the same time op is away from getting gold)

I got it after a few attemptt. Just send 3 to wood (instead of four) and don’t get loom

Tbh? I don’t think getting gold rly is all that much important, the most important is to actually learn what they teach and be able to reproduce it.
Now, in fact the faster you’re able to do it the better, but in order to get extremely fast times in some of those you’d need to end up cheesing it and doing something you wouldn’t normally do in a normal game (like in OliveCereal4714’s example, by skipping loom you’ll be able to get a faster time but not getting loom in a normal game could hurt u badly, any wolf will be able to beat ur vills in 1v1s, it’ll be much easier to lose vills to boars, enemy raids will do much more damage, and so on)

Imo it’s rly not bad to not get gold times. If you actually did it, well kudos to you, but the most important is to actually learn what it’s trying to teach.

Pausing a lot makes it easier to think what to do and avoid mistakes

thanks for the replies guys. I’ll go with my gut and say that i’m not too far behind the best in the game in early eco. 30 secs is nothing :slight_smile: