The Aztec calmecac should arrive fast

IMO the Aztec calmecac card that cuts your age up in half should arrive fast in order to fully take advantage of it in any age.


Why?, they have the messenger.

They mean the card itself arriving fast, like how Mexico has a fast age up that arrives fast

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Mexico fast age up is an upgrade at the cathedral.

Good idea, silimar to Advance Politicians card for Italians or Hospitality card for Maltese. Those types od cards usually arrives fast :slight_smile:

By the way I think that all cards which exchange resources (Sublime Porte for Ottomans or Fur Trade for Lakota/Haude) should also arrives fast.


Oof your right. I guess I’m thinking of the Italian and Malta cards

It wouldn’t be good imo.
For 3 reasons.
1- It gives you a WP, not only the speed improvement.
2- If you are age up, as soon as the card arrives, the discount is made anyway.
3- Very good timings can be made to go up to age 2 or age 3 thanks to its arrival speed, if the arrival were instantaneous, the timings of the BO should be changed and I don’t know if it is better, for me it would be the same or even a little worse.

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Greenwich time doesn’t arrive fast either, and yet the British don’t have the exiled prince.

I always felt that the lack of it not coming in fast hurts it’s age 2 age up. Since it’s not ideal to go calmecac card first then 3 workers. If you send 3 workers first, it makes it hard to get the second shipment in time to make full use of the card in age 1.

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What I do is send 3v-calmecac-3wp-700w-600g-600g.
Normally, if you make Plaza and 2 houses, with only 1 WP you can have your second shipment loaded when you are clicking to age up at age 2, at that moment you send calmecac (if you want to get the barracks), as soon as the shipment arrives it will be automatically deducted the delay time anyway. At that point, what I do (Garja BO) is to put 10 vills in the Plaza + the 2 WP, and with that load the 3rd shipment to quickly send 3 WP. At that point, you do the 10 WP boom and you should have them all by minute 6 - 6:30. It’s the most common thing I see.

Another BO, is to age up fast with the messenger, and receive calmecac once you’ve risen to the commerce age, to take advantage of its bonuses to rise to fortress age, you place 10 vills in the Plaza and do the same as always. Basically, it is always the same, regardless of the time it takes for calmecac to arrive, the only thing that must be taken into account is when send the shipment respectively.

I don’t see a practical advantage of the card being fast, as much as I think about it, it’s the same thing.
It could offer a great advantage if it were instantaneous for an age up for Industrial, but in that scenario I don’t see it very good, a lot of efficiency is lost having only 9 WP.

If I were asked what to change about the card, I think it would be the fact that, if one already has 10 WP in the field, the card can still be sent, but the WP doesn’t arrive or is even replaced by 2 vills, that is the only annoying thing about the card, but the timings that exist today almost always seek to send the letter before having the 10 WP in the square.

I hear you but imo It gives you better age 1 options. Something that I hate with the current calmecac card is that if I chose to go with the warhut age up in age 1, I only get about 20 seconds off. The age up takes 80 seconds and the card itself takes 40 seconds to arrive, saving you more or less 20 seconds depending on your herding and treasures/xp. In your BO it wouldn’t hurt you because you could just send 3wp, calmecac card, then 2 600 gold cards for the same BO.

I hear you but I’m talking about how if the card arrives faster it would give you better age 1 options, it would also save you about 20 seconds in your age 1 age up. I like the idea of having more than 10 wp limit moved to like 11 or 12. I agree on that it’s annoying having to delete 1 wp sometimes to get that card.

Exactly the messenger is still kinda meta, by changing the card you open up the civ to better age 1 timings.

The Greenwich card would benefit greatly from it arriving fast imo that would make the card strong.