The Bengali and Dravidian themes aren't original



Credits to Szaladon who found this and posted on the wiki.


The second one seems to have the Dravidian tune from 2:00

Interesting find,does it affect the game not really.

Here is polish theme. First theme you can learn to sing :sweat_smile:

I heard the Dravidian theme on Vsauce and Expedition Unknown and recognized it because of Dynasties of India. Good to know where it came from.

If this music is copyrighted, that means the devs got a license to use it. However, we haven’t, which means we could have another FNAF 2 situation on our hands. (For those who don’t know, FNAF 2’s original title theme was a composition by Bjorn Lynne of Team17; people uploading footage of the game often had their videos copyright claimed by Bjorn Lynne because of the background music, which they couldn’t help.) This may necessitate the devs changing the civs’ themes to something similar-sounding but original, to prevent YouTube channels from facing increasing scrutiny from YouTube over copyright infringement.

That one sounds a bit similar to the Polish theme, but it’s not a slam dunk. It’s probably an original recording of very old Gregorian chants, which is considerably different than reusing or rearranging current copyrighted works.

Atleast it is culturally related.


Bengalis theme

Someone posted this right after DOI release.

In fact the middle part of the Dravidian theme also uses pieces of other music

That piece of music is Punjabi tune.
Even the song name and background seems to suggest the same.
In the background you can see camels and buildings with marble dome and of mughal style. None of this is found with dravidians.
And the name Melons and Mangoes is also indicative of Mughals, i.e. Babur and Jahangir’s mention of Samarkand Melons and Indian Mangoes in their memoirs.
Here’s an article on this -
Melons, Mangoes and Mughals

How is Microsoft getting away with reusing all these themes?! I thought Vitalis was composing the themes for all the new civilizations, but they’re just taking themes that other people have written and using them. What could this mean for AoE2 YouTubers using the music in their videos? This is a big issue!

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wow, did the devs really take the music from a video and just implement it as a theme?? this just feels a little wrong.
otherwise everything was always done by the team themselves, and now not anymore??
I always found the love for detail particularly in AoE2.
I would like to know the reason for this step, as others have already written. Vitalis was otherwise the civ composer.


thts because nowadays they just want to milk money

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Please give your explanation on this :pray:

So what? Nobody plays this game for the music. Most serious players mute it.

I do.

20 characters.

I suppose I’m not a “serious player” then?

Unoriginality is not acceptable when it comes to a game as polished and high-quality as AoE2.


I wonder whether Vitalis still works for MS.
This is the worry, as this gives me a similar vibe as how composers are treated in other games (e.g. C418 vs Minecraft which is now also owned by MS).
All speculations though. I hope it hadn’t turned out that way…

I am friends with a composer. I suppose I can just ask him if he’d be willing to compose AoE2 civ themes for MS. I’m actually tempted to have him write new, entirely original civ themes for the Indian civs anyway.