The biggest flaw of the Campaing?

Something I always disliked about the Fall of the Trident campaign is that almost all missions are mirror matches.
Greeks fight Greeks.
Egyptians fight Egyptians.
Norse fight Norse.

I assume they have to rebuild the whole campaign because of the engine differences between AoM and AoE3DE. For example AoE3 has completely different functioning and much better looking cliffs that would require every single mission to be rebuild anyway.

Do you have any ideas how to add some scenarios where you fight against other civilisations to the original Fall of the Trident campaign.
Also how would you solve the issue that the Atlantian civilisation is not being used in the campaign? Should it be used?

The New Atlantis campaign doesn’t have this issue, you fight all other civilisations as Atlantians and even have some missions as Egyptian and Norse (In the Norse mission you fight against Norse again though).

Not talking about the Tale of the Dragon campaign here, that can get a full rework anyway.
Maybe there is away to get the Chinese campaign to be part of the main story somehow.

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I agree greeks shouldn’t always fight greeks, egyptians vs egyptians, etc. However, I think this should be for another campaign, as I honestly wouldn’t want the story to change. But I agree Atlantean culture should be incorporated in it. I would simply change all buildings and units to atlantean, while keeping Poseidon as main god, so it stays consistent with the plot.


I don’t like the idea of having a second added on campaign nor do I like the idea of changing the story of the original campaign.
But are there ways to have at last some missions have you fight other civilisations?

The first 2 missions are Tutorial Missions and the Greeks are the most simple and “AoE” like civilisation. So those should not be changed.
They are also the only missions where you fight against Egyptians as Greeks.
The city of Atlantis could use the Atlantian civilisation though.

Mission 3 to 6 let you fight the Trojans. They are represented by the Greeks but they aren’t really Greek. If a Mesopotamian civilisation would be added they could replace the Greek enemies but let’s assume that is not the case.
There is no real way to change the missions. Troy is clearly not Egyptian and definitely not Norse or Atlantian.

7 let’s you fight Bandits that are Egyptian again.
In 8 you are in Greece so it makes sense you fight the Greeks.

9 and 10 are in the underworld and neither you nor the enemy has a base.

11 to 15 are in Egypt and you only fight other Egyptians. I don’t really see any opportunity to change that. With a lot of fantasy you could change up one mission to add Chinese or Greeks as enemy.

16 is the dream where you attack Atlantis. Atlantis should clearly be replaces by the Atlantian civilisation here.

17 is a full Egyptian mission again.

18 is interesting because you get Ox Carts and some Norse units while playing as Egyptians as a mini tutorial for the upcoming Norse civilisation.

19 Is a full Egyptian mission again but you have Greek allies that give you Colossus. So there is some diversity here too.

20 Is the final Egyptian mission.

21 Is a funny side mission that lets you play as Greeks against Greeks again. Can’t really be changed either.

22 to 29 are all pure Norse vs. Norse missions. Other civilisations are only used for players that don’t train units.

30 has you fight against Greeks as Norse. Maybe Greeks could be used in some of the earlier missions too. Hard to justify using Egpytians or Atlantians.

31 and 32 let you fight Greek as Greek again. The enemy Atlantis should be replaced with the Atlantian civilisations, or maybe Atlantian plus Greek.

There is also the option to add 1 or 2 missions inbetween some of the existing ones to mix things up without really changing the story.
But I don’t think they should be dream missions again.

I like how every scenario is dynamic and gimmicky in the original Fall of the Trident campaign. AoM has the best campaigns of the franchise. That said, the follow up campaign Tale of the Dragon was pretty lacklustre and could use some work.