The biggest problem with ranked seasons

So “Age of Empires” has some sort of inherent identity of having over half the player base in the lowest rank? The reason why other games don’t do this is because it doesn’t make any sense, nor is it motivating for players. The distribution of skill in the population approximates a bell curve, so it makes sense for the rank distribution to match this. The skill gaps are biggest at the extremes, so the lowest rated players in any game will be massively worse than the median, just like the highest rated players will be massively better than the median. It makes no sense to give the same rank to people with such huge skill differences. If you put one of T90’s AoE 2 DE Low ELO Legends at 400 ELO up against a 1000 ELO player, the 1000 player would absolutely slaughter them, yet in AoE 4 they are both bronze.

If these statistics are true, then it’s really a problem. No game would benefit from such a league placement as it would pit the most casual gamers against the average discouraging ranked participation for new players which will eventually lead to a dead league.
However, I don’t believe this is intentional. After all, ranked games have just been started and it’s only natural that they tweak the league placements after this season. Just be patient.

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