The Bohemian Civilisation for AoE IV

At first I want to say, that I understand, that there are other more important candidates for future civilisation as Aztecs, Byzantines, Spanish or Japanese with samurais or other and Bohemia was not a major player on the field of medieval history like Mongols or France,

And there is Bohemian civ and campaign with theme of Hussites Wars in AoE 2 already,

But there is 1 single and proper reason - is the AoE 4 game mechanics would allow the potential of Hussites army / units / Hussites Wagons compare to AoE 2


AoE 2 is just meh, so I would wish proper hussites in AoE4 in future

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War wagons would be a cool unit.

First of all, I want to dispel the myth that there were Civilizations that are “more important” or “less important” than others.

All civilization played a huge role in shaping the world we live in today. Nomatter how small.
Some are just much more well documented than others.

but all civilization are worthy of recognition.
Some are just harder to impliment because there is a lack of knowledge.
But that is about it.

As long as the civ is:

  1. Relevant for the timeline.
  2. Was a actual civilization and not made up.
  3. There is enough documented history and archeology.

Then anything goes.

All subjective

Again this is subjective :joy: There is plenty of ■■■■ that went down in Bohemia that had huge effects around Europe. It certainly is more important than Spain in my opinion.

Please research more of the history. We want a Bohemian civ, not a hussites civ. There is much more ideas for a good bohemia civ that don’t make it Hussite focused (although this will be a big part of the late game).

Speaking of the wagons, it is sad that Rus’ are missing their mobile wood walls as well

A bohemians civ Is nearly Impossible under this Name, because bohemia was Part of the HRE.

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In AoE4, war wagons would be a unique unit of the Korean civ just like in AoE2.

Sure they could do Korean War wagons or Hussite wagons or whatever.

I do think they’d be more likely to add Korea though.

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Yes, at most they would add the Hussite Wagon as another UU of the HRE as it happens with the Germans of AoE 3…


[quote=“KingofQuebec368, post:4, topic:213126, full:true”]
Please research more of the history.[/quote]

Please, learn Yourself to have more respect on online forum, son.

I forget about the War Wagons in AoE 3

Anyway, the point is, that Korean War wagon in AoE2 and German War Wagon in AoE3 work like slow , armored cavalry archer, this is not how the husites wagons worked, it was more like mobile fortification

BTW Hussite Wagons for HRE is nonsense for me, they were rebels against catholic HRE

AoE4 with unit abilities would allow to properly represent this.

And about the Bohemians - from my view , the hussites wars and warfare is what make Bohemian special within Medieval history.

Without Hussites, Bohemia would be one of many European medieval states / part of HRE as Schweinchenbab stated, and there would not be reason to implement them as own civ