The bulgarians blacksmith

Frankly! This blacksmith is completely broken in all the ways!!! The 50% discount on food with it’s 100% faster work make it completely unfair at all.

You can make all the upgrades and hit the castle age at normal time like anyone else, it is completely broken and make the matchs unfair at all! Your opponent can easly make all the upgrades, especially making a scout rush with full blacksmith upgrades+bloodlines then big pressure on you then you have no chance at all, i think the Bulgarians now can make all-in feudal aggression without any problem and keep your opponent in trouble and under pressure and his eco at hell with your rush, i think this sick blacksmith need nerf for sure, my suggestion:

-Blacksmith have only 25%-30% discount on food.
-Blacksmith work 50% faster

it is all they got regarding “eco” bonuses. relax and let them be :slight_smile:

Scout Rush with FU scouts is unfeasible in this walling meta.

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I know man, i didn’t say to remove it, but at least decrease the discount, it is really insane, and don’t forget that bulgarians have free militia line upgrades, which it is really big advantage especially with maa opening so early make their early rushes very deadly and their feudal actually is the strongest military by their free blacksmith and 80% faster work

It is not hard to break a wall man and don’t forget their fast opening with maa free upgrade

yeah should we nerf other civs who save even more resources bonus? like say Berbers?


Berbers bonus start in castle, but Bulgariand blacksmith is really no joke, it is sick man, you can make all upgrades in feudal and hit castle normal

Let me guess:
yesterday you got hard punished by Bulgarian M@a scout rush. So they need to be nerfed.

What’s next? Magyar with their cheap scout and extra attack? 11


No, you don’t understand. Their 50% discount on food is really broken, it is not balanced at all, you can make all the upgrades and fight all units with big advantage and still have a decent eco. And you are trolling then go and troll on Daut and Hera and both of them lost to Bulgarians all-in scout rush in RBW3, what is your elo?! 3000?!

Bulgarians have handicapped tech tree, so they can’t show the true strength of cheaper Blacksmith Techs.


Feudal age rush is more than enough, and they have free militia line upgrades and 50% discount on siege/blacksmith upgrades and FU CA, their tech tree is decent except the archers line, but it is fine because they can kill anything in feudal with their cheap, broken blacksmith with 80% faster work

It’s indeed very strong, but no one thinks that it’s broken other than you. If you wall and make archers behind M@A are useless. I suggest you to Drush and Wall against Bulgarians. Very long Feudal Age can be better for you: The Bulgarians player can’t make many Archers because they don’t get Crossbowman so he has to make more food heavy units such as Skirmishers or Scouts so you can up to Castle way faster.

Man it is easy to say, even Hera and Daut got completely destroyed in RBW3 by Bulgarians aggression with full blacksmith upgrades, it is not about how to deal with them, it is about that their blacksmith is not balanced at all.

You don’t change the base game due to Empire Wars and I haven’t seen anyone complaining about Bulgarians. If you wall fully and make one range Archers, Bulgarian early Scout/M@A pressure is useless and they can’t go heavy on Archers.

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Not all maps can fully walled easy, and as i said it is not about how to deal with them, it is about they can make all blacksmith upgrades and still have decent eco and reach castle age time normal.

How can they have good economy without any economy bonus? Getting Scout/M@A Blacksmith
upgrades will delay your Castle Age time. You will have worse economy than Magyars or Berbers.

Yes, but Arabia, which is played by 90% of the community can be easily.

Yeah which they are almost free

It is not free so you will have worse economy than your enemy. Period.

You know why they got such a powerful drush into M@A into scouts with upgrades? Because it’s their only options. As bulgas you can’t go with archers since you don’t have xbow, which is a big deal.

You remove or reduce the blacksmith bonuses and you get the old useless bulgas. They save on average 150f in feudal (350f in total, but usually you pick only the ones for scouts) civs like mongols or mayans get more than that food in dark age, I don’t see it broken at all.

The faster blacksmith can be staggered a bit thought, like 60/70/80% in feudal/castle/imp, but not more.

its a nice bonus, but i dont think it is broken.

dont confuse empire wars with RM

  • Goths and Huskarls being OP
  • Scared of Shotels
  • Ranting about Tatars and Portuguese bonuses.
  • Wanting overbuff Persians and War Eles.
    Now: The Bulgarians are OP…

At least not spamming like RoomoftheEvil