The [Burst Mortar] a potential unique mortar unit for the Portuguese

As some of you already know the Portuguese have a particular history of gun-making during the age of gunpowder and in the “Museu Militar de Lisboa” (Lisbon Military Museum) there is a chronological display, inside the first two wings of the museum, of most representative types of artillery guns cast by the Portuguese between the end of the 14th century and the end of the 19th century.

Among all of the artillery pieces that belongs to this chronological display there is one that sticks out in particular, which is this triple barrelled bronze mortar shown in the picture below. This peculiar looking artillery piece was apparently made in Portugal according to this website but I haven’t found any kind of information concerning its background and what year it was made.

Maybe when the Portuguese gets updated in the future where the [Organ Gun] gets replaced by a Swivel gun (Berços) they could also get this triple barrelled mortar as well, which can possibly replace the Mortar for them and the unit can go by the name [Burst Mortar].


Each three shots that will be fired simultaneously from the [Burst Mortar] could perhaps do 166 siege damage. The unit could have some lower stats in comparison to a regular Mortar, but it will be more devastating in groups due to firing three shots from slightly different directions, plus have a small damage multiplier of 1.25 against buildings and walls.


I’m all for change and all for the Bercos swivel gun (actually something I’ve suggested in the past too).

In-game it would fire in one (giant shotgun-like) grape shot instead of the Organ gun volleys and be fairly fast to reload.

The Organ Gun should just become a Mercenary artillery unit. Western Europe at the start of the AoE3 timeline really weren’t using this form of artillery that much however in Eastern/Central Europe, it was still in use for a little longer. so call it 'Organкі, give it the Polish voiceovers (slowed-down Winged Hussar lines) and there you go.


I like the idea. Perhaps a new general technology called [Canister Shot] could be added to the game together with the Portuguese rework. The Canister Shot technology can be researched from the [Arsenal] building which will affect artillery units such as the [Falconet] and [Horse Artillery].

After researching this Canister Shot technology these cannons will gain the special ability of shooting this projectile that will produce a similar shotgun like effect to the Grape Shot fired by the Berços, but the smaller projectiles that will be discharged from the shell on impact will pierce through a couple of enemies units.

The Grape Shot will on the other hand work a bit differently, where it causes a bleeding effect instead of a piercing one that makes enemy units take damage over time. Those that suffers from this bleeding effect will also take extra damage from any source of damage.

Edit: The poison effect of the Incan [Jungle Bowman] could also have an extra effect, where enemy units will have their overall stats temporarily lowered when poisoned.

In my opinion, if the UU were to change, ot would be better for something they actually used frequently like the Berço canon.

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@VicKestrel I am not suggesting that this [Burst Mortar] unit will replace the [Organ Gun], but it will replace the Mortar for them. The Portuguese will essentially have two unique artillery units, where they have both the Berços and the [Burst Mortar].

The swivel gun may have been used frequently by the Portuguese but they weren’t the only ones who used it extensively, so for the sake of giving them a more “unique” artillery piece that sticks out more I suggested that this triple barrelled mortar could be given to them as well, since I have found little to no information so far of other multi barrelled mortars that were developed during the gunpowder era.

Though I did find this auction website that used to have a hand built model of a multi shot mortar before it was sold. But I don’t know if this model is based on an actual artillery piece.



Yep, I agree (have also suggested the Berco previously too!).

Organ guns should just be either Merc units or even something all Euros could ship in in limited quantities, given that all Euros used them as niche artillery at some point.


The Berços can be based on these images of field gun models as for what it would look like in the game, if it is going to be attached to a carriage.

Screenshot 2023-05-26 at 04.34.28