The Camel Rider and War Elephant should both become common/regional units instead of unique units

As I’ve have talked about the Horse Archer becoming a non-unique unit one day, the Camel Rider and War Elephant should both also become units not restricted to one civilization because they, like the Horse Archer were also employed by multiple civilizations and not just one. Camel Riders and War Elephants were both used by various empires of Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. So perhaps, the Camel Rider and War Elephant would both also need to become non-unique units as well.


Yeah then what does Delhi have that’s unique? oh wait the free research that’s not free cuz you have to spend double in gold making scholars… ohh yeah the mechanic that they still can’t figure out properly and the civ pick rate keeps falling and now is below 5%… yes. Let’s get them to zero.

I do not understand why they need to even brand any units as unique. A unit is already unique if no other civ has them. No reason to paint development into a corner and declare that from this moment onwards, no future civ may ever use a war elephant.

Actually, camel riders and war elephants need to be available to other civilizations because other nations also used these mounted soldiers. Them being unique is historically inaccurate and the fact that other civilizations had these soldiers are why these units aren’t unique in AoE1 and 2.