The Campaign mission "France in Turmoil" is either bugged or badly designed

Look at this gigantic blob of army, there are so many of them it even regularly cause AI error messages to appear:

Look at the numbers, this is just 1/3 of their “Southeast Village Regiment”, and it already has 700+ units! The whole regiment must have 2000 units. And they have another “Eastern Village Regiment” that is similarly sized!

And the Center Villager Regiment? Their size is EVEN BIGGER:

Meanwhile, on the other side of the map, my archers refuse to shoot the purple Road Robbers (sorry idk what they’re called in the English version, that’s my back-translation from Chinese, the mission title as well), only 4 archers are shooting, the others just stand there and watch. I imagine it’s also due to too many units caused AI targeting errors.

I know I wasted too much time fighting the Purple, so the Red spawned that many during these times. But still, it’s not like I played 100 hours, it’s just 2 hours (and for good reasons, it was such a tedious fight against Purple, age II spearmen vs age III swordsmen and knights), I’ve never seen a campaign enemy punish me with 5000+ units for not dealing with it in 2 hours.

The Red shouldn’t just spawn infinitely. If the map editor is anything like AoE II’s, then the scenerio designer must have forgotten to put a Condition of “military counts<200” or something before the Effect of “spawn unit” for the spawning Trigger. If the Red is supposed to represent peasants rebellion so they must be numerous, make it 500 or even 1000, but not 5000+, I suspect it’s even more numerous than the actual historical rebels’ number already.


this looks incredible!