The Castle Drop - Overused at low ELO?

I am a 950-1000 ELO player (yes, not amazing), and in the last 3 weeks, every single player (and I mean every single one in 20+ games) has tried to win with a castle drop at my base. I am just interested to know if there was a video, a game shared, or something that has encouraged this strategy to a point where I am seeing it every game. It is quite easy to defend against and often leads them totally exposed at their own base.

People see pros do a flawless castle drop and they think to themselves: we can do it too, right?

But since they didn’t practice enough, they fail.

Generally, T90 games show lots of these strats


Its because noobs usually don’t track whats right infront of their base, so they think to themselves, i can just walk up to someone’s base, make a castle, and kill them without effort. Since in their head, better to make a castle, than to make 20 crossbows that require you to micro, raid etc…


Forward Castle Drop is a good strategy through all ELO. Best example daut vs lireey where he is on no Tc and almost manage to win that Game just cause of one forward castle in his face. That was just sick.


Well good luck reaching a high enough elo with the forward castles. Its only a situationally good strat when you know that theres no way it gets blocked. You need army for it. Low elo players just blindly drop a castle without any army to protect it.

Even on arena, forward castle is considered a really bad strat since they can just pick off your vills with scouts. Much better to drop defensive castle.

Well we see a lot of forward castles in the highest Games and it will win you also a lot of Games on the way there. A little bit of Gameintelligence is of course required. Like in castle Age it is for sure the most effective way you can attack your eniemies base and ressources.

On arena, would you always have a standing army? If I’m going straight into a 3TC boom, and my opponent is going straight for a castle drop supported by military units, I don’t see how to stop the castle.


You have not watched one high level arena game if you think it works at high elos. Discount dragonstar bashing kellar, that was golden meme content.

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The Thread was about Arena???

At some points castle are build. That is something i really notice in my games. But i dont see just castle drops only. Yeah, on golden pit every one seems to castle the middle. But that is probably all.

I think its like with everything in these Game some have what it takes and some don’t.

Na nothing about arena, I mainly end up playing Arabia