The chat filter has to go. It's more important than you might think

Honestly, it’s getting ridiculous. Can’t have a single exchange without the other party thinking you’re possibly calling his mother names.

What are you doing? Hear us out, please!

Oh, by the way: ##### ######!


Not sure what you’re usually typing. I’ve been in quite a few games with chat being use a good bit and nobody seems to run into it too much…

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The chat filter can get pretty rediculous. If you type “I hate mangonels” the entire message gets filtered. You can’t talk about dock placement or tell your ally to build a dock.

For some unknown reason the word elephant is blocked. Like it’s a unit in the game wtf. So is France/Franks.


I agree, I’ve had the most random things censored and made it really difficult to communicate properly with team mates


Same here, Had many time common words are blocked and it makes it seem that I am swearing when I am talking about french knights coming.

Yes, totally agree.

Last game we talked tactics and I wanted to say “k” → #
Then tried “ok” → # #
“okay” finally worked… ^^


Was about to start a thread like this myself. The chat block is oppressive. Way more than necessary.

Why can’t I say “oh snap” without “snap” getting blocked?

If it’s offensive somehow I don’t even want to know why.

It’s way too intrusive. Ease up please Relic.

Sidenote, because Steam gamertags are used in game there are many names displayed that I doubt would even pass the chat block. How much sense does that make? None.

Ease up. Just… ease up. Yuan can still be PEGI 13 and not have oppressive chat block I’m sure.


yes, chat is censoring any normal words, thats absurd, my curse words are as innocent as: DANG and DRAT hahahaha LAME AF i know…

and it also censors unit names! and the worst part imo is that people do not engage in it. allies and enemies barely use it sometime i get the feeling they arent even getting the messages, i loved to chat to allies in aoe3DE… those were the days…

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Yeah! I know it’s a minor, minor detail in the grand scheme of things.

But I’m not even referring to team matches. I was on a 1v1, the other person typed in a statement and I wanted to ask “how come?”

It comes out as ### ####. I mean… why?

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This. The chatfilter is completely running wild, it censors “k” 50% of the time for some reason. Also wasn’t allowed to tell my teammate, “im at 100/200 population, no gold”
The game even has the “Mild language” caution-label, so why can’t I express myself with a “oh ■■■■”?
edit: oh sh*t

The chat filter is pretty ridiculous and also inconsistent. At times, the censoring is funny. At other times, the censoring is frustrating - such as trying to communicate with teammates.