The chat window of the game stays bug

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  • **GAME BUILD #:9368025
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

:arrow_forward: ISSUE EXPERIENCED

:point_down: When I press Enter to open the chat window during the game the window stays bug I can’t write and if I press Enter again the window doesn’t close. I have to press ESC several times until the window closes…

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  • 50% of the time / matches I play (FREQUENTLY)

:arrow_forward: REPRODUCTION STEPS

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Press Enter
  2. Try to write if not you can try to close the window by pressing Enter and it won’t work.
  3. Press Esc many times to close windows

:arrow_forward: EXPECTED RESULT

:point_down:The chat window should work fine.

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hey @Bit4042

Thanks for the report! Unfortunately i am unable to reproduce this issue.
I recommend you to verify integrity of game files. (right click aoe2 in steam library, properties, local files, verify)

Also disable any mods.

If the problem is not solved, please contact support:

Good luck!

I have the same problem after last update. Alt+tab sometimes solves the problem.

File integrity verified. No problems detected.
Verified mods. No problems detected.
There are other users reporting the same problem, it is clearly a bug generated since the last update. Please can you solve the problem, it is very uncomfortable that the chat window gets stuck in the middle of the game. And as a client who pays for the game, it bothers me that in each update something breaks, generating many problems for the players.

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Hey @Bit4042

Does this issue only occur in multiplayer, or also in single player?

Also a recording of the issue in action could be helpful, which could show any steps to reproduce we might have missed!

Same here. Thought it was only my problem.

I only play multiplayer. In singlepayer I played very few times to practice some strategy. Also it would not make sense to open the chat window in single payer so I don’t know.
But I discovered something that could help. I realized that when the problem occurs, the window opens and it seems that the cursor is not inside the window, so when I try to write it does not write, when I press enter nothing happens, and I can only exit by pressing esc many times.
Of course you can’t see that the cursor is not there, I realized it because if I click with the mouse inside the window I can just write there and it works normally.
The video thing is a bit difficult because the recs don’t record when you open the chat window, the only way would be to capture the screen during a whole game then find and cut the minute where the error occurs and I don’t have time to do all that video edition.

I think i mapped it:

  1. Open chat, type anything, check chat is working
  2. Use left arrow to move text cursor, check chat is now freezed.
  3. Click with the mouse in another place to exit the chat.
  4. Game is normal again, steps can be reproduced.

It happens both in multiplayer or single player games.

Hey guys,

With airmail’s repro steps, I have been able to reproduce the issue! Thanks!
It seems that pressing arrow keys while in the chat menu causes this bug, where typing and pressing enter stops working.
I will be making a ticket on this issue :slight_smile:
It does seem that pressing esc and left mouse clicking seem to close the enter screen as a workaround.

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I played again after a while I think that in this period of time there have been 2 updates but this error keeps happening.

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In multiplayer ranked games with steam,win10 chat still does not for a while (need to press esc or smth kind of). Always after game ends. Often during the game (arrows + try type inside msg, other standard hotkeys for editing: home, end).