The cheat units need to have their DE models and NOT use the old ones in DE mode

Considering the fact that there’s currently no DE models made for the cheat units, these models need to be made because the vanilla models of the cheat units look too cartoonish for a mode that’s rather enhanced quality and more sort of realistic-looking. Perhaps I already know a good idea of a model to use for the Photon Man (both, the laser trooper and nuke trooper) and that is the Photon Man from AoE2 DE because this model is a DE version of the Photon Man model and because of that, he’d definitely fit well for the Photon Man of DE mode in AoE1 DE but of course other cheat units also need to have their DE models as well like the Dragon that replaces the birds when the cheat ‘king arthur’ is typed in.


That’s very important.

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