The China's question

1:Chinese German consulate Gold speed 1.25→1.65
2:Chinese Flamethrower 170W170G →150W150G.Range:10→12.Speed:4.25→4.5
3:Chinese New Army card 400Food→Free

Thanks very much


I agree with these, it’s ridiculous to see normal musketeers kiting units that should strongly counter them like flamethrowers. The range proposal is also good considering that they are supposed to counter artillery with their multiplier but get destroyed easily by them before they can even start firing.

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I think Now Chinese is still up against the British

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Thanks very much for your support



id rather make flamethrowers artillery rather than siege units and cost 5 pop/500 resources, increase their range to 20-24 and massively increase their damage output vs infantry along with passthrough damage and beautiful blue-orange jets of fire.

that way it would be a much more fun unit to use and see in action.

I exposed a long time ago the error with capitalism from the German consulate, The developer who attended the issue said to report the issue, later in another post that has nothing to do with that one, a developer commented that the issue of drips cannot be buffed because it would affect the balance in treaty games

But,My mainly is 1v1 game.I don’t want to talk the TR game…

400f for the new army card is really a pain.

I agree.
and then the 2 flamethrowers card should ships 3 flamerthrowers.

And the 2 flamethrowers should be shipped at Age 2 like 2 leather canons. Perhaps with a 150food cost as well like they recently implemented. While Mandarin squad costs 500 food, that is ridiculous…

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I agree you more and more!!!