The Chinese tax gold paradox

Hey guys, I wanna bring your attention to this Chinese paradox.

For every other civs when dropping off resource, their income per minute decreases as the number of trip increases. For the Chinese, the tax gold is a bonus which mitigate this efficiency problem.

Now let’s talk about wheelbarrow, which costs 50F 150G to research, and is an essential eco tech universally speaking. It decreases the number of drop off trip by 33%. What it means for the Chinese, their tax eco got a -33% penalty after wheelbarrow.

The Chinese wheelbarrow paradox (AoE4) - YouTube

My question is, why investing in an eco “upgrade” results in an impactful, long lasting eco penalty such as this? It is very contradicting to reason, thus I believe it was unintentional. Otherwise, the real cost of wheelbarrow for Chinese is way more than what is advertised.

My suggestion: Wheelbarrow to buff tax gold up 33% (for drop off tax only) to mitigate the penalty.


I think what we’d want to do to mitigate the penalty is to buff the tax gold for drop-off points only, rather than all tax gold—if there’s bonus gold added for unit production / technology research tax it’s just a buff to China’s wheelbarrow relative to other civs.

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Yup thanks for clarifying, that’s what I meant.

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Knights have a charge and it is a nerf to MAA.
Therefore, MAA needs buff…

What kind of nonsense it is?

Bro u are completely out …

China should have a late game ability to get double base tax; which would mean you’re getting double the double inside the Imperial palace aura.