The constant push for 'raiding', is it actually fun?

Reading the dev notes for the patch I see they reduced wall strength, again, and also reduced the Villager catch-up speed from 100% to 40%, to “effectively make raiding groups of retreating villagers easier”.

I don’t understand the continuous push to encourage more raiding. Is that actually a fun mechanic? Does anyone enjoy the never ending cycle of raiding and chasing French Knights or any other cavalry around the map over and over and over again? Why do the devs keep pushing this? I just dont get it.

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I think raiding is actually a great mechanic that can differentiate between casual and very skilled players. When you’re being raided on 3 different villager camps by the other player, you can assume he’s pretty good. Cavalry should be like this, great at raiding and charging and worse in prolonged fights - this should be the role of infantry. Raiding is also easy to counter, just put a bunch of spearmen and you’ll most likely scare the opponent away. If you’re being “raided by a group of 100” French knights, this is not a raid and you are simply losing. Also do remember that it works both ways, so when you’re being raided, the opponent probably thinks he’s safe so it’s actually a great time to counter-attack with a few horsemen.


Maybe it’s an effort to buff the mongols? Raiding has been a part of the game since the first AOE games, so I’m not really surprised.