The Correct Way to Boom with Aztecs

Hi, just wondering which build order you guys use to Boom with Aztecs.

I heard you can reach 99 villagers by 12 min? Honestly I’ve never been able to do it, since food improvements need native mills (extra 400 wood compared to other civs) Wich is a big investment in early game.

So can it be done?

You shouldn’t need farms before 12 minutes unless you choose to just sit in base.

As for the 99 villagers you need to get 10 warrior priests as soon as possible, you start with 1 and in age 2 can ship 3 so that gives you 4, then put them on the dance to spawn more of them and as soon as they spawn put them on the community plaza. You can speed up the process by putting villagers on the plaza as well until you get 10 priests. After that you’ll need to get to age 3 and build 2 town centres(send wood shipment). Then just keep your 10 priests on fertility dance and you’ll make villagers fast from all 3 town centres.

The problem there is you don’t get enough food gathering to maintain the queque of 3 Town Centers + fertility dance.

At what time you reach 99 vills?

I don’t play aztec much tbh, I’ve never done this with them though I do a very similar build with inca priestesses and the 2 tc wagon. Inca don’t suffer from lack of food though. I guess you could delay the boom a little and switch your priests to xp dance to get a couple shipments then you could send 700 food or in age 3 send the 3 farm travois card or something.

Apart from the responses above, I like to use the advantage of villager mining cards; in age 3 “aztec mining” is very powerful, apart from replacing the wood cost of slingers and coyotes:

If mines run out, they have some very solid farming cards too:
(Even 3 cards of farming in age 2; i’ve seen some players keep a nice economic base just by farming in age 2 with those cards)

Agrarian ways is an option to get free techs from farms and estates but keeping vills training without techs is posible with ~30 hunters, going new ones to hunt too.

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