The counter to Springalds needs to not be Springalds

The solution for all Siege is acceleration, Firing and moving as fast as they do is ridiculous and is causing massive balance issues.

All siege should take 5 seconds to ramp up to full speed, and then balanced around that. Massing Springalds is still a thing, and it’s too easy to pull it back, and fill in “the fodder”, rinse and repeat. Culverins aren’t even that effective against them since Springalds got buffed against Siege.


Idk, unless you are playing Rus, mass springalds is pretty dead, they are extremely expensive for doing very little damage to units, so their only use is in sniping siege.

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And the counter to them is only them. That is bad game design. chasing after them to torch them doesn’t work. They are too fast.

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Well they only really kill seige, they are pretty useless vs units, not to mention they are slower than anything that isn’t a culverin after the nerf. (very slightly faster than elephants with the tech).

So any land unit counters them cause they do minimal damage while a couple cavalry will kill it easily.

Even if units had trouble killing them (which they mostly dont) it’s not a huge issue anymore cause its 500 resources and 3 pop space for a unit that does like 25 damage after armor.

Pretty sure you’re not playing the same game if you think Springalds are slow. How long is 12 units supposed to chase a Springald to kill it? 30 seconds, 3 minutes?

You run 10 cavalry over to it since horseman move twice as fast as it and other cavalry 1.5x as fast (assuming it has the movespeed tech otherwise its easier) and you attack it once with each cav and its dead.

Like sure MAA (non-delhi/hre) have trouble killing it, but who really cares, it takes a springald which costs the same as like 4-5 MAA almost 26 seconds to kill 1 MAA (28 seconds if its an english MAA assuming full armor upgrades) in castle age. Numbers may vary in imp cause there’s a number of techs that effect that but it should be pretty similar.

They are really only built to snipe mangonels at this point, or for Rus/China to kill bombards (although they could also just build their own bombards)


wich is precisly what they are designed for…

The springlad were just an exemple btw. And i agree with the fact that siege are too strong compared to the rest of military option. Resulting in them being the most important unit type to mass in Castle to Imp age. A strat can be ruined solely by having 3 mago + springalds well protected by meat shield. Add bombard and you get the most boring and anti-climatic end game you can found -_-’

The least you can say this need to change - a bit at least - to allow inf/cav to be as relevant as the siege deathball.


We need fortifications that can deal with siege at a high cost…

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I saw a lot of games ending with a guy only having a lot of mangonels, some springals to kill springalds and 2 or 3 Bombards.

With that erased armies and cities.

Add some spearmen and only can stop you a mirror army with more siege than you.

Welcome to Age of Sieges 4


I agree, id like a differentiated counter. One way: reduce their range and increase their “pack up” time.

You want people to use the springalds strategically. They should deploy quickly to snipe a magonel, then retreat. But the problem is that the springalds are often protected by a meatshield, so your only option is to counter them with range, ie another springald.

If you reduce their range to that of a magonel, the enemy has to bring the springalds closer to your army to snipe your siege. If they want a meatshield, they’d have to bring it into range of your magonels.

A common strategy might be to bring the springalds in, unprotected… they’ll snipe your siege and then try to retreat. That should be the moment of opportunity: pounce with horsemen before they slowly pack up and retreat.

This would be a pretty big nerf. I think decreasing their cost would be fine. Then you’d see people using them strategically, and you’d see a lot of diverse counter play. You might have magonels protecting your springalds from torches. Going full circle rock paper scissors.

It would also add some back and forth momentum swings to the siege battles. Often you would deploy springalds and take out the opponent siege, only to have your springalds defreated in return. Then the compositions would have to fight for a few moments without siege, which is a nice breather from current siege dominated meta. Players could decide a different composition each time it happens. Adds diversity and phases to battles.

This would also prevent the op compositions that happen when springalds are behind a choke.

When dealing with Chinese, they use more than 10 clock tower spring gold, more than 5 clock tower nest of bees, and infantry. Is there a way to break this apart from more spring gold?

While the royal guards tank the knights in front of them, the nest of bees clean everything.