The cuirassier model?

Tbh it does not look very French to me, especially the guard/imperial. It looks more like a German unit or the British horse guards.

A typical French cuirassier should wear a very distinct plumed helmet with a long horsetail, and should not cover the cuirass under the coat, as in the unit portrait.


There is a mod by GwentMaster2163 that fixes that, also gotta point that the Mexican explorer has the “correct” model of French cuirassiers (Excepting the colors that is).

Link to mod page, last pic: Mods Single - Age of Empires

Some others are using the Saxon cuirassier, but my issue with that besides the helmet is the shoulders…

I have reworked the French Cuirassier helmet in my mod, the previous one was too “German style”.
However, I thought twice about the ponytail on the helmet, and felt that it should not be too long, otherwise it would be difficult to distinguish it from the dragoon.


That looks awesome @GwentMaster2163.

This is what I meant with Mexican explorer skin:

Color aside and the emblem, since Mexican “Tulancingo” cuirassier used bronce armor pieces by some sources, look the shoulds, the piece dont know its name (military decoration) is beneath the armor since its part of the uniform, while in-game the Saxon cuirassier has it over the armor, allso they dont have the metal soulder pieces.

Also the belt again in Saxon one is beneath the armor, while in pics and Tulancingo skins is in the middle of the armor.

Here are some pics French Cuirassiers, for explanatory porpouses:


Funnily some Mexican units have more (19th) “French” uniforms than the actual French, such as upgraded soldado and vigilante.
Largely because French uniform is widely copied in the 19th and Mexican units have unique models while French mostly use the shared European models.