The debate about voice chat

I have an idea about voice chat in our greate part of art (AoE obviously)

What i have, if any unit in game had an a button like a command button for patrol, hold position etc.,
to speak in same radius as his vision for example maybe more maybe less who knows.
This is markable like u see by some mark your teammate want to tell about those… i don’t know free for harass wood line but he have no cavalry but you have, yes it’s can be written but, in wall to wall in 4v4 you probably have no time to write something, and for example the kings who every time sits in castles far far behind, but now (if game has kings) only king have this voice chat and if you want to speak to communicate for better cooperative work the king need to be somewhere near to front line.
You can put them all together so you can hear each other, but speaking by button in king command options.

This is only just an a idea ¬

I’m not sure I understood correctly, but for what I understood, you propose having a built-in voice chat in the game, that somehow depends on some kind of mechanic (for example king proximity).

I don’t think the king mechanic would be too impactfull, as it would only require your team to gather all kings inside one tc/castle as the game starts, and then you pretty much forget about them.

As for the competitive/balance aspect of the game, if voice chat wanted to be added you have to consider the following: It is either on demand (with a hotkey) or somehow restricted by game mechanics (like the king one you proposed). If it is on demand, it is balanced as both teams have equal access, but if it isn’t, then one of the teams could easily get an advantage by using an external program.

I think adding a voice chat could be nice and useful, but I personally wouldn’t go for anything too fancy, just a press to talk key, and mute/unmute button.