The Dev team could clarify this to the community

So to quote something from the dev team
“I want Age of Empires 4 to be a trusted source of history. I think we can do that justice; I would be over the moon if people were like, ‘man, this is legit!’ because there’s been some shaky history in the previous Age of Empires games,”,

We have to ask the question, is AOE4 a real life medieval simulation? or a FUN and CLASSIC AOE experience? because that statement by the devs has created confusion among us the community, I see a lot of people using this to gatekeep native american civilizations out of the game by quoting the developers saying how the game is going full 100% realistic, while some people pointing out how the monk in AOE4 with the relic blast has nothing of realistic

We need some clarification from the devs on this whole “realistic” topic, because I feel a LARGE part of the community wish otherwise


You don’t need a statement. You’ve already seen videos. AoE4 is not a war’s not even focused on the medieval period to any extent “medieval” focuses solely on Europe. It’s an Age of Empires game. They are not trying to reinvent the franchise but amplify it for the better. More unique units. Techs and gameplay mechanics more firmly rooted in history. Let’s have fun. Wololo!


They were probably talking about campaign story and unit selection. There is no way that they meant actual gameplay.


Well I hope so, becuase many people seem to think “realism = fun” which is not true, take a look at Red dead redemption 2, realistic af but gameplay is boring and annoying, clunkty too


They answered this question in a previous interview. they say they focus on gameplay first but try to provide more historical information in the campaigns