The disgusting trick to dodging a stockade, did you think about it, developers?

Lucifron’s disgusting trick is about cutting down the tree around your opponent’s palisade.

With 10 seconds a tree is cut down and it is not necessary to return to a logging camp to continue cutting down more trees.

I do not know if you did not think about it, that there was the possibility of doing that trick but it should be modified.

The proposal and solution is the following: that it does not allow walking in a tree until it has extracted all its resource, as it happens with gold and stone, it is not possible to go over a stone until all the resource is consumed, it must be applied in a the same way in the trees.


It is an absolutely disgusting feature and game ruining thing at the moment
I can get the upgrade and rush with my army without rams because I can use a single villager to secretly pass the wall xD

Yea, it should be like AOE 2. since the stealth and the normal forests work differently in AOE 4


This is not a bug. Merry Christmas!


Using trees as a part of your security perimeter is a strategically relevant risk. So, it’s not a bug, it’s a feature.


100% agree that one should not be able to pass cut trees.
Certain maps make it impossible to utilize walls (black forest).

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I know that this is not a bug, but if it continues like this, your entire palisade will not work if a villager cuts down a tree in 10 seconds, I mention it because of the upcoming patch.