The DLC broke many things, not just balance

Why do Sicilians speak Italian with Sicilian accent while Italians speak Latin?!
Why do Irish people (Celts) share architecture with Franks while Burgundians don’t?
Why do Byzantines share architecture with Italians while Sicilians don’t?
Why did they make the campaign menu disgusting?
Why do devs ignore the theme of existing civs? Tons of stupid stuff aren’t fixed such as the Italian language.

In AoE3 they didn’t remake Aztec voicelines despite remaking Lakota/Haudenosaunee so ig it’s just not in their policies to redo old voicelines for consistency’s sake.

Your others complaints seem super nitpicky to me, who cares about the campaign selection screen this religiously, if anything it avoids an ugly, clogged up Europe map. Unique castles are fine too.

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Why do people complain and care about such unimportant things?
“Why do Sicilians speak Italian with Sicilian accent” lol, get some hobbies bro.