The drag scroll design in AOE 4 is counterintuitive and unusable

Instead of being able to see your cursor move with the screen, when drag scrolling the cursor disappears and just stays in the same spot. The result is when you are done, your mouse is physically in the corner of your mouse pad, but the cursor is still where it was before.

This means that EVERY TIME you have to physically lift up and hover your mouse to continue drag scrolling, just because your mouse moved but your darn cursor didn’t. It just doesn’t make any sense to do it that way and makes the feature unusable. Cmon devs, the feature is already 50% done, just needs to be fixed.

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yes it is useful as the video argues, I put it on the extra mouse button and I use it a lot

Sir that is AOE 2, I am talking about AOE 4

there is only this video that explains the usefulness of the drag, also the mechanics are the same, aoe2 has a cross but it is not so different from aoe4 if I know that the mouse stays where I pressed it

I don’t know how you could honestly say that it is the same.

Not only is there is variable scroll speed depending on how far your mouse is from the cross in AOE2, the mouse cursor is visible and the cursor jumps to the location of the arrow when you release the drag scroll hotkey. All this already makes it way more useful and usable compared to AOE 4. Do you even play the game?

request the cross if you want, I have no problem

Pretty standard multi-directional scrolling system, click, drag, release, return mouse, repeat. If the mouse travel is too strenuous, and the mouse is not made of lead, it sounds like the tracking dpi / mouse sensitivity needs to be increased. Or perhaps a scroll-ball or gamepad may be worth looking into :man_shrugging:

If it were a PDF scroll style, you wouldn’t need to lift you mouse everytime, just release drag and swipe your mouse back, way superior

Ohhhh! gotchya. I the edge pan sorta serves the same purpose but if the cursor sensitivity is on the lower end I can see that being an inconvenience

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