The drama of it all

scroll to comments to see Viper’s response, lol

Can’t trust Theviper. As proven in a previous post i made he is a lizardman. That is why he lost hc4 in such a poor way and needed to cheat to beat that pathetic record.

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Dude it’s a joke, they are just joking. Vipers comment literally proves it. Not to mention the way Hera talks about it, he almost laughs when he pauses the video the second time

I know its a joke that post is also a joke. In another post someone made pointed out the odd way viper lost hc4. More likely he got screwed on maps as they were all hera and home maps. He put out a huge conspiracy theory post on viper letting hera win. My joke was to take the conspiracy theory idea to the extreme. As with this being a joke i brought back the extreme conspiracy idea. Its funny to me to make it seem like the he is a world leader.

Ah, my bad.
20 chara

It makes me think why people worship Viper so much? I mean he’s clearly top 2 player but everybody loses once in a while, VIper is no different. His fanbase just cant accept that Viper loses too and makes up excuses. lol


This would make a great thread for They make a drama of everything in the pro scene.