The dynasty system was messed up

From the initial design to now, the dynasty system has become chaotic and unworthy of the name.

In particular, the high cost and extremely limited benefits of the Ming Dynasty, accompanied by the substantial weakening of the Grenadier, have completely no need to upgrade.

The positioning and performance of the three dynasty units are also very embarrassing:

The strong period of Zhuge Nu is very short. As long as the opponent reaches the third era, the role of Zhuge Nu will be greatly reduced.

Fire Lancer is a complete joke. Its original creative and interesting AOE capability is useless now. The effect of dealing with clustered units (whether workers or remote units are very limited, let alone the damage to heavy armor units can be completely ignored) is very limited.

Grenadier was originally the only reason to upgrade the Ming Dynasty. Its original performance matched the high and harsh production environment, but now its attack efficiency is geometrically weakened, and it is still very expensive.

In a word, the dynasty system has been changed in a mess and extremely inefficient, and has even become an obstacle to the design of Chinese Civ. Therefore, the dynasty system must be redone, so that every dynasty has the need to evolve.

Some ideas that may help the production team:

  1. The dynasty is changed to be the same as the landmark. There is no Dynasty at the beginning. Before entering any dynasty, Chinese basically belongs to the state without any bonus, and each game can only choose to enter one dynasty. Each dynasty determines the tactics of each game. In addition, imperial officials will also unlock with the choice of dynasties and have different characteristics, such as:

The Tang Dynasty highlighted military advantages:

The attack tactics, which are mainly composed of special cavalry units (characteristics: strong attack, fast speed, poor defense cavalry), are characterized by rapid and fierce attack, but lack of defense. After entering the Tang Dynasty, the production cost of military units was reduced / the production rate was accelerated (or both), but they will not have any special economic bonus. In short, they are strong in the first and middle stages and weak in the middle and late stages.

The Song Dynasty highlighted its economic advantages:

In the attack tactics with defensive counterattack as the main way, its troops are mainly composed of special infantry units (characteristics: attack weak defense, strong heavy infantry with slow moving speed, attack strong defense, weak long-range infantry with slow moving speed). After entering the Song Dynasty, the production cost of economic units was reduced / the production rate was accelerated / the efficiency of collecting resources was increased (or both), but the offensive ability of the army was slightly poor, The composition of the troops is mainly infantry and siege weapons, so the overall advance speed is slow, and the overall is a very stable method of play.

The Ming Dynasty highlighted technological advantages:

After entering the Ming Dynasty, the R & D cost of science and technology was reduced / the R & D rate was accelerated (or both), and its army would be mainly composed of gunpowder units, with strong base defense capabilities. Like the Song Dynasty, it belonged to the positioning of defensive counterattack, but the degree was more exaggerated. In the early stage, it lacked all kinds of military and economic strengthening, and was relatively weak on the whole, but the speed of climbing technology and evolution era was relatively fast. Once its gunpowder forces were formed, It will become very difficult to deal with.

The way to enter the dynasty is changed to choose directly from the “Dynasty icon”. Specifically, it can be selected at the beginning, or it needs some preconditions, which can be studied and decided again. Similarly, this setting also allows Chinese, like other civilizations, to choose only one landmark in each era.

  1. Retain the existing Dynasty system, but the second landmark is discounted, which can be a unified half price or a discount of 25% / 50% / 75%, but this is only a change in the existing Dynasty system, and cannot change the result of the failure and chaos of the design and change of the Dynasty system.

  2. The dynasties can switch freely as needed, and of course, you can also pay a little money for it.

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