The easiest way to make russia stronger

just allow that blockhouse be constrcuted by 8 villagers instead of 4.
Any other barrack can be built with 8 villagers making building a barrack that takes 40 secs to be built a disadvantage

But the blockhouse can be built before reaching age 2, and it is also a hybrid building (Detachment + barracks) that can attack, receive shipments, garrison villagers and train units.

I couldn’t be more against this.

But, keeping in mind that the Russian Blockhouse is similar to the native War Hut, with the same flaws and benefits, but with the difference that the BH gives you 5 pop, trains units in bumps and when fully upgraded, has damage of area.

I would not understand why give this building more benefits than its native counterpart.

PS: IMO the BH is by far the best building of ALL aoe3 available in age 1 and age 2, even better than the asian wonders.

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BH also give less xp than war hut when destroyed

The bh falls off a scout+2 Indian scouts or native scouts when you place the foundation

The most reasonable way to improve russia is add a +2 range to strelet guard upgrade.

Emmm Tienes picapedreros en (I) 65% de velocidad al construir edificios y Sebastopol en (II) 50% de velocidad extra para blocaos, fuertes, centro urbano y murallas

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not in age V in no rush 40, become useless all the benefits, this topic was about that

yes those cards should be merge together on 1 single card

As a treaty player, I think the simplest way is to have the Shooting Army occupy half of the population during the Empire era, just like the Malay Claw Sabers in Age of Empires II

Ajah, expliqueme cómo este buff que usted propone va a afectar en tratado y lategame y no en early game?

Yo por otra parte, digo lo de siempre. Aumentar el costo de aldeanos nuevamente a 270f (el tiempo de entrenamiento no) y agregar 50f a los crates iniciales o 5% de recolección de comida como bono de civilización.

bueno como sea, seguire destruyendo rusia con2 morteros atacandoe l blocao