The end game for all 3 definitive editions plus myth

I’ve been thinking about the return to Rome dlc and all the speculation. I’ve been wondering about how to keep the franchise alive with most people on aoe2, aoe 4, followed by aoe 3 then myth/aoe1.

What if they eventually did a master chief style college for age of empires. Say an age of empires collection edition. Almost like a portal mode from battlefield 2042.

Imagine mixing gameplay elements from multiple games from the series. Or everyone logs into one multiplayer browser and picks with game from the series to play from. Imagine playing a 2v2 aoe2 vs aoe3 match. Or aom powers vs an air 2 civ

I feel this could have some incredible potential.


personally i think its for the better to keep the games standalone, we all know how MCC went, and you can’t really cross games like that, different engines, some 2D some 3D, it wouldn’t work, yes i sound super pessimistic but thats how reality works


No, it won’t happen.

I think decades from now the ultimate future of RTS games will be 3D holographic table top systems. I saw the kids in 2077 playing something similar in the Canadian sci-fi show Continuum. So you would just need a square table the same shape as the map you’re playing then you would just enter the size of your table into the hologram projector program so that it can scale correctly to your table’s dimensions. Like a live animated version of Warhammer. It might seem far-fetched, but when you think that our parents were playing Pong or Space Invaders in the 70s and 80s, it’s not that unrealistic when you follow the trajectory considering how far gaming has advanced in that relatively short period. Hologram gaming will be more comfortable than VR. No sweaty headsets weighing down your neck.