The extra berries of Gurjara civilization hinders the gathering bellow the TC bell

Please is a good bonus but need put the berries in the corner, not in the middle because the villager are hinders by this.

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Not really sure what you meant. Does ringing the town bell work worse for this civ because of the berries? If so, then it doesnt really matter at all. Ringing the bell is bad behavior, only done by noobs.

The bush right in the front is one of the most accessible spots when you lure boars in. If it’s there it might limit the number of hunters that can harvest the carcass.
I would advise to place both bushes at the edges, like the second one.


No, he means that the berry bushes are blocking the optimal gathering position for huntables and herdables, thus meaning less villagers can work on them at once in the most efficient location, therefore reducing the food output.