The FE Campaign that was not converted to DE

I always play the campaigns on the easy difficulty at first and I really struggle with managing eco in campaigns, and some of the campaigns are really tedious.

If youre struggling on easy that sounds more like a you problem then anything. Most campaigns on easy you can safely eco boom to where you want and then roll from there.

One has to learn so many AI quirks in order to beat a campaign and one can’t always know what to attack first in scenarios like the first Barbarossa campaign. And an army of rams is quaint because knights and longswordsmen can absolutely pwn it.

There is actually a guy who took all the FE og campaigns and converted them as a mod (including the long honfoglalas, feudal age starting Bukhara and so on)

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There is a scenario in AoE 1 that actually won’t let you boom because for every unit you train, the AI trains two and that adds up fast.

Sure but this is about Aoe2 DE which doesnt have such an scenario.
If you consistently beat hard ai 1v1 without towercheese in skirmish I find it very hard to believe you cant beat any campaign on easy. Either way, im willing to train with you a bit if you like, let me know :slight_smile:

Type Forgotten HD campaigns in mod browser and download it, you find the campaign for DE

Thanks, that would be really helpful. I really want to beat the campaigns without using Cobras and Catzors.

The FE website still has HD and DE as different categories, that’s why you can still see old campaigns, and old screenshots where Indian have Arab architecture and the beta heavy camel appearance for their imp camels, and Slavs with boyars that look like Joan of Arc.

As of the El Dorado campaign itself I can only agree with almost everyone else, when half the Inca campaign is about conquistador micro something is wrong 11

It’s not even Pritviraj but his poet who does all that in the scenario 11

Only a quarter of the campaign is actually Conquistador micro.

Still a problem. The incan campaign should be about incas. Not Spanish units

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The reason I can easily beat the AI is because of my build order which I made myself based on playing the game countless times and that order is fairly standard across all games and I only have to improve it occasionally but with campaigns every game is rapidly different and I find it difficult to boom and collect resources and some things take a long time to finish.

90% of campaign scenarios boil down to turtling, booming, and steamrolling.

Sometimes you need to figure out ways to optimize this, but generally, getting to a point where you can stick a Castle in front of your base is sufficient to block the AI unit spam for most campaigns.

After that you just get to your max pop with your strongest units + steamroll enemy positions.

Very few scenarios make you think outside this box by introducing time constraints, or things like the AI initiating a Wonder or Relic victory; But most of the time, it’s pretty standard.

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