The FE Campaign that was not converted to DE

I was looking through the FE website and I decided to take a look at the original Forgotten Empires expansion and I noticed a campaign named El Dorado which I don’t remember seeing in DE.

Was it converted to DE or have I actually come across an official campaign that never made it to DE?

P.S. The legendary lost city of gold is the story that the 4th Indiana Jones movie is based on.

The only american campaigns in DE are Pachatui and Montezuma, there’s nothing named El Dorado.

It was in the HD version even the goth campaign was different.

The el dorado campaign was replaced with an actual incan campaign

But the El Dorado campaign has a much better story than Pachatui.

But was more rpg and less rts. Good for an unofficial campaign but not an official one.

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I’m assuming this is the city of gold.

The current campaigns are really difficult and uncinematic, maybe one like El Dorado will make campaigns fun again.

So replace a true historical campaign with a joke?!


Age of Empires was never a game about 100% historical accuracy in the first place, besides they could have at least hidden it in the game as an Easter egg.

The campaigns are really difficult, the only campaign I have beaten is William Wallace and the only historical battle I have beaten is Agincourt.

The Pritviraj 5 as a joke scenario is more than enough, no need for a whole inaccurate campaign. El Dorado was supposed to be in Colombia, which the place of the Muisca Confederation, a civ that is not in the game.


How was it a joke? (Char Limit)

But there was one like El Dorado once. It was called El Dorado, and it was replaced with the Pachacuti one because being too easy, cinematic and not fun.

There is a huge difference between “historically influenced/based on true events” and a complete fairly tale.

Hard campaigns are not fun campaigns.

I know that.

Sorry but not being able to beat anything but the tutorial campaign might say more about your level of play than the difficulty of the campaigns.

You can even try them on easy or moderate before hard, are they still too challenging then?

Pritviraj never conquered Cholas, Sinhalese, Kannadas, Burmese etc. Pritviraj fought against the Ghurids.


This is entirely subjective. Just becausw you don’t like hard campaigns doesn’t mean others don’t. Furthermore campaigns literally have different difficulty settings. Play it on an easier difficulty

I can beat the hard AI consistently in Skirmish games. And the campaigns are always one-sided in favour of your opponents like Into China in the Genghis Khan scenario.

That wouldn’t be fun at all, would it?

They should make campaigns that new players can beat too.

Campaigns and skirmish are different. Skirmish everyone starts from the same point. Campaigns tell a story. Just because you’re beating the ai on hard in skirmish has no bearing on campaigns.

My cousins brand new to rts and has beaten every campaign. Try lowering the difficulty until you learn the quirks of the campaigns.