The fears have come true - the game is a waste and belongs to 2015


I will not write anything here … everything is on the forums and youtube …
The game disappointed me a lot …
And what I saw in the test, the game belongs to 2015.

And they will definitely not have time to fix everything by 28.10.2021.
There are so many and so many problems …
The fun disappears after 5 games …

I will wait if in the spring of 2022 the game will look better …

I would definitely not publish it now …

But they will still spend it and for 60 euros. :slight_smile:


i strongly liked the game and me and my friends can’t wait for more.

what made you sad about the game?


You gotta Come with some proper arguments. The only thing i can see you pointing at is Graphics which is Quite good. This feels much more next generation than Starcraft 2 which is the only recent A+ Rts game released back in 2010. alot of stuff feels Good in AOE4 and the Units looks abit simple because its suppose to be possible to see the different teams. And the Graphics dont look like a modern fps because Rts games needs to run on alot of different pc setups to get the right number of Players. It also needs to be Very stable for competition purposes. Started out with Warcraft 2 and Starcraft one in 1998-1999 myself.


Constructive criticism is a lot better for both the players and the developers. Saying stuff like:

and not giving reasons why is the main problem with a lot of posts. Why does it disappoint you? Why did the fun disappear? And no, I do not mean to insult you are make you mad at all. I’m just trying to get clarification.


You’re not allowed to give feedback here that they dont like either. Its a recipe for disaster.

If you’re a casual player, you can subscribe to Xbox Gamepass for a month and play until you’re sick. If you’re a hardcore player, I think it’s best to wait a few months until the price of the game drops. It’s definitely not worth $60, even if it had excellent graphics. At least that’s what I think.

I’m not sure if you are joking around. I think so?

At any rate, to say it loud for the people in back: you are absolutely allowed to come to this forum and complain all you want about the game. Just don’t be nasty and attack people or otherwise break the rules.


Something that folks seem to not know or forget is that feedback should have two parts - a clearly defined problem statement and the proposal of an actionable solution. The OP has neither, so this is not feedback.

How about:
“The game has disappointed me by < things the game is/is not doing >. The fun disappeared after 5 games because < reasons >. I would prefer < things > instead.”