The Final 9 (civs)

Hello Age 2 players and new civ discussion maniacs. As you know this forum is full of suggestions for new civs ranging from 4 more slav civs, 7 indian sub continent civs, 8 different african civs, north american civs, polynesians, inuit. Pretty much anything that one could imagine. While most of us love seeing more content and civs in the game we understand there is some limit of bonuces, unique units and techs that can be added for the civs to feel different while keeping the feel of the game. On the other hand it is said that the Genie engine at least back in the day could support a limit of 48 civs. Wether this is still the case or not we dont know.

Yet this tread works under the conditions of two main assumptions that may or may not be true. First there is indeed a limit of 48 civs. Second the information that the next two civs added to the game: Bohemians and Georgians is true.

Why I bring this up right now? First of all at this stage it looks reasonable we are looking into few more DLCs in the next couple of years. Second there are so many great options suggested around the forum but perhaps adding all of them is impossible. Third I want to see things into perpspective what do people think, how do they weight the options when assuming there is actual limit left.

I do also think that such perspective is good for the devs, too. Wether the conditions set above are true or not I would like to think when they consider new civs, bonuces and units they have some overall plan and idea where they want to see the game end up as final balance. With the number of civs we are having addintg new fresh things becomes hard and game balance becomes even harder. Having an idea where we may end up may help this process quite a bit.

Finally. Lets be honest discussing what civs could/should be added to the game is what we love to do!

Here are my final 9 :slight_smile:

*South Asian DLC

  • Siam
  • Indian subfaction.
    I do know some people have much better idea about what are the most prominent options as additional Indian subcontinent civs. Perhaps some people would even drop Siam for another Indian option, Im Ok with that.

*South African DLC

  • Somalians
  • Zimbabweans

*Masters of Sahara

  • Songhai
  • Nubians

My knowledge about the African civs is also not that great so Im open to suggestians here, too. Still If I have to chose between a bit more African or Asian civs Id give the nod to the Africans, WHILE in the last DLC I also consider one more Asian civ, too.

*Roof of the World DLC

  • Swiss
  • Tibetetans
  • Andean civ (Chimu’; Muisca)

Now I know there could be a political issue with the Tibetans but I like the idea of rounding it up with mounteneer civs from all around the World ( Himalayas, Alpes to the Andes).


Bohemians Poles Georgians Swiss Finns from europe.
Darvidians Bengals from India.
Tibet from asia.

Im keeping out already added areas previously covered by dlcs AK RoR.


Definitely Poles, Bohemians, Georgians from Europe. Maybe also Armenians, Swiss, Finns, Serbs/Croats, Romanians


If 48 civs:



@Mahazona @CloudAct assuming Boheminas and Georginas are added in the next DLC you have few more options left :slight_smile:


my bad, then just Poles and Finns from Europe and the rest from other continents, which I don’t care enough about to list must-have civs, but for sure Tibetians


For me this pretty much covers the game.everybody is connected no empty slots in a medieval world map(medieval maps dont have america south africa or lands beyond indonesia).


If needed, the devs can probably up that limit. So there is probably no hard limit for the devs.

I think many would already know my suggestions: I would go for 9x no new civ. I dont think the game needs more civs. New civs feels like a gimmick or like a copy of an existing civ. Both dont really at much to the game in my opinion.


I think you have to think about casual players also, you are only speaking for the competitive players




I just share my own opinion. That is neither on behalf of the casual players nor for the competitive players.


yes, and thats a really unpopular opinion, good day to you


Here’s my final 9:

Siamese, Tanguts, Chams, Tamils, Swahili, Kanembu, Anasazi (or Mississippians), Chimu, Polynesians


Swiss and the last American civ dhouldnt be part of the final cut. I like tje Chimu, the Mapuche and all the civs of the region and Swiss are fun but I think theres better choices.

I would consider replacing Songhay or Nubians for Kanembu.

Also add a third Indian civ because otherwise you cant represent southern India and Bengalis at the same.

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Finns and Swiss arent a civ thart should if theres a 50 civ limit.

Poles are just hard to design an interesting civ for them so if you cant make sonething worth adding rather not have them


not actually hard to design


Hard to design to be worth adding.

which is very subjective


Its subjective to a point. The facts are that if the viv is designed to be civ accurate their military would be the same as a civ already in the game woth which they are connected historically. This makes them redundant to me.


So like with most other civs in game? They could be designed totally different too. Redundant to you, but not everyone else so stop forcing your opinion onto us.