The first crusade nerf saved the game, but it might still be too strong

Recently there have been build orders posted online on how to pull off the first crusade 50Searjent “Rush” in 19min. This already looks quite strong but it seems most people forgot that slinging still is a thing in teamgames.
Doing the 50Searjent Rush alone can leave you quite exposed before the Searjants are created and afterwards leaves you with many useless TCs as you don’t have the resources to sustain villager production.

However, having an ally sling you some wood first lets you do the 50Searjents in 17min while some slung food helps you kickstart the vill production from 5 TCs.

Before the nerf I and some friends used this strategy and found that on maps like Arena, Hideout, Nomad, etc… it worked really well and let you brutally overrun the flank player and wipe them out within 2min while outbooming the enemy pocket with your 5TCs at the same time.

While I like the tech and it got nerfed down to 35Searjents, I still think it is too strong in teamgames. I would propose moving it to the imperial age so the “17min sling rush” is no longer possible.

your right, in teamgames it could be op with slinging because if you can take out 1 opponent with it, it’s pretty much game over.
The thing is that you need to train this together so I doubt there will be many games where this occurs. Also it could be punished because at least 2 players are quite vulnerable before they can pull it of.

The flemish revolution sling (burgundian pocket full eco sling => revolution => coustilier/paladin switch) is even more unbalanced because there is no moment where you could punish that strat.

when you accidentally find the actual problem, but don’t notice it

So if the one player sling and you try to boom to 5 TC + castle, what do your enemy doing at this time. Sitting, watching and just booming?

If the enemies boom you are almost equal (just paid for first crusade +castle) in booming but ahead 35 serjeants. If the enemies fielded castle age army they can only match your value at that time and you are ahead in boom because you already have 4 extra tcs.
Thats the problem. In 1v1 it’s not that prob because you can’t use the 5 tcs to boom, but in teamgames with sling you can easily boom with 5 tcs from that point on.

But it will make the slinger extremely vulnerable to stay that long in feudal, I think that’s what could be punished by the opponents. And it needs a lot of training, I’m not sure if anyone with high enough elo puts that much time in such an odd strat which might be nerfed in near future…

It got nerf with the new patch. Do you want to nerf it completely useless??
And also first crusade is a strong tech and viable strategy. The enemy will know it and like other strategy it can be easily punished. You need great skill to boom behind and not being punished at the same time.
By the way they have a slow feudal age with no great Eco bonus, they are far away from being top civ.

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This strat obviously doesn’t work well on Arabia but on maps like Arena and Nomad it can be almost impossible to beat. Especially in 4v4 matches.

For example in a recent African Clearing match my closest enemy was Aztec. He walled defensively, went FC and dropped a defensive castle right away and startet Jaguar warrior production to counter me.
However, since a teammate slung me resources I could do the same thing + build 4 TCs in the same time.
I marched in one minute later with 50Searjents, ignored the castle and destroyed everything else in his base.

Yes, the player slinging was a little behind at that point but that didn’t matter at all since we were fighting 4v3 from that point on…

Well it wasn’t a very smart idea to implement in the first place, so yes it will probs get nerfed again. Something like 4 TC limit, or tweaking the numbers so that to get around the same number of serjeants you need more TCs. Or, if a miracle happens, a rework.

I don’t think it’s because the strategy is OP, but rather because slinging is OP. In team tournaments slinging is either severely nerfed or is mandatory to use.

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Yes, I think in 1v1 situations the tech is fine know as it sets your economy behind and only gives you 35 Searjants.

Slinging is now stronger then ever as the Burgundians actually can make use of the prolonged time in the feudal Age by already getting the castle Eco upgrades…

Funnily enough the Burgundian bonus doesn’t affect the slinging tech.