The following list of things are censored in your stupid chat censorship

Within the last half hour the following messages have be censored:

“I love you”


the lower case ‘d’

Can you remove this stuff? You are EXTREMELY bad at implementing it. I should have an option to disable censorship. This is really stupid.


I suppose they are relying on a third party service to manage the censorship and therefore there’s no easy way to fix it?

As someone else said in another thread, it is very stupid and arguably worse than no censorship at all if you tell your friend that you love him and since the message can’t be seen it could be interpreted as “■■■■ you, ■■■”

They probably teamed up with the AOE2 chat censorship, I remember everyone complaining about that when it was updated.

I tried to tell a teammate “Come with me and attack them” and the word Come was censored. I seriously don’t get it.


Hey, I totally agree, the chat system in game is maybe the worst ever. Censorship should be optional and you can’t even receive messages in game?? lol