The Forgotten Ones

The Forgotten Ones

Hello AOE II players. I saw many post about new civs and first may I ask before coming to the topic : What is the limit of 48 civs that I see on this forum ( I am new here despite owning the game since two years and have the HD version since 2013 and the original in 2001) ?
To now pass on the topic , I want to brought to the table civs which are not cited on any post for new civs for new subjects (are maybe for the devs). I propose with the name a short history and a unit proposal. These civilisation are Eastern /Central and Caucasian European with a bit of Africa.

  1. Alans (IIth-XIVth century) Cavalry civilisation
    The Alans were an Iranian people belonging to the Samartians , a group of Iranian speaking nomadic people. The Alans has an history which span mostly on the medieval era , they participed in the fall of Rome , the armies of Attila and Aetius and are the ancestor of the heavy cavalry (cataphract and knights). The Goths , Franks and Vandals employ them for their heavy cavalry. Alans kingdoms formed shortly in France (Orléans (420-461) , Hispania (406-429) and long in their homeland of Ciscaucasia ( VIth-XIII th century). They merged with their neighboor or get utterly destroyed by Mongol and Tamerlan (XIIth and XVth). Some fled in Hungary in now modern Jassia (as Jasses represent some group of Alans) and some hide in the mountains forming the modern Ossetian people.
    Proposed unit : Cataphract Lancer ( Heavy Cavalry)
    Architecture : Caucasic (or Byzantine)
    Bonus proposed : Villagers and cavalry move faster , Cavalry stronger?

  2. Vandals (Ist- 533) Infantry and Ships civilisation
    The Vandals are an infamous Germanic Tribe which has gave the name Vandalism from XVIIIth historians. Originally from Poland (as the culture of Przeworsk) , they fled the bad weather and Hunnic Invasion in the end of the IVth century. Passing the Rhine with their allies Suebi , Burgundians and Alans , they passed in Hispania which they plunder for live and forming two kingdoms in Andalusia (the Name come from the Vandals) and Carthaginensis (the tribe was part of two royal clans the Hasdingi and Sillingi) while Suebian took Galicia and Alans took the Cordoban Region. Both Kingdoms except the Suebi were destroyed by the Goths in 427 and the Hasdingi King Genseric unite the tribes with Alans and moved in North Africa and took Carthage in 435 forming the Kingdom of the Vandals and the Alans. Genseric would plunder Rome in 455 ( in fact relatively peaceful) and crush a Byzantine fleet under Basiliscus in 467. The Kingdom ,Arian, persecuted the Chalcedonian protected by Byzantium. In 533 , the overthrow of Huneric , by Gelimer, led a Byzantine expedition by Belisarius which toppled the Vandals. They disappear from history in the VIth century and onwards , having some influence in name and in the Berber people .
    Proposed Unit : Alan Rider / Quinquerem ( Onager Ship )
    Architecture : German ( until Age II) / German or Mediterranean
    Bonus Proposed : Strong Infantry and Ship

  3. Avarians (5th century- 800 or to today)
    The Avarians represent to branches : one the Pannonian Avars which found the Avarian Khanate who terrorize the Balkan in the VIIth century and the second one who install themselves into the actual Daghestan and became mountain dwellers. Their origin is unclear , they come surely from the blending of the rest of the RuanRuan Khanate and Hunnic, Oghuric ,Sabir and Turkic warbands . In 550 , they destroy the kingdom of the Gepids and force the migration of the Lombards into Italy. After a decline , Charlemagne invaded them and they were split and destroy by Bulgarians (an another turkic people) and Slavs. The other branch create the Kingdom of Sarir which last until 1200, then the Avarian Khanat which last until 1400 before his absorption by the Gazikumukh Khanate. The gameplay of the Avars could be focused on cavalry ( as nomadics roots) and infantry ( as mountaineers root and also due to use of Slavic Slaves as tactics)
    Special unit : Avar Horse Archer ( Heavy Armor Horse Archer)
    Bonus : Villagers as more health , easy to convert villagers
    Architecture : Central European / Caucasic or Central Asiatic

  4. Pechenegs (VIIth – 1200)
    The Pecheneg are one the nomadic groups which succeed the Khazars before the Couman takeover. Originate from Kazakhstan they were pushed relentlessly west , dominating Southern Ukraine in the Xth century and finishing in Thrace in the XIIth. They threaten Constantinople in the XIIth but were smashed by the alliance of the Byzantines and the Coumans. After a last battle in 1200 , they fled into Hungary and lost their counscience as an independent people , last mentions in the XVth century with different clothing.

  5. Lombards (IIIth -1092)
    The last Germanic people to migrate , the Lombards originate from the center of Germany. Their names come from their beards or their lances (long bard).First present in Pannonia in the Sixth century , they use the chaos in Italy for invading under their King Alboin in 567. The structure of the state was between powerful dukes which conduct themselves as semi independent king (like Spoleto and Benevent) while still paying tribute to the king. The Lombards represented the main authority in Italy , battling the remains of the Exarchate of Ravenna and Byzantines in Sicily. The apogee of the kingdom was under king Liutprand (711-744) ; shortly conflict with the pope (with the destruction of the Exarchate 750) causes Frankish invasions which ultimately conquer the kingdom in 774. The Lombard nobles were replaced by Frankish noble. The remainder of the Lombard power were in the south with the dukedom of Benevent, Salerno ,Capua and Amalfi. The last Lombard prince were destroy by another people who came from France the Normands in 1092.

The italians in the game are inspired by the Italians cities and states that descent from the lombards, so I think that it would be really redundant to add them.


Its nice to see someone pick civilizations from the earlier medieval era but all of those are already covered by huns goths and cumans.

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Eh… I dont think those are any less covered than some of the late medieval civs people ask for

But yeah I hope we get more early medieval content.

Well areas they use to cover are already taken by others so they dont really add anything new gameplay vise.

Eh… I disagree.

Vandals could be quite unique as a siege and naval civ, and the Alans could be put with Sogdian in a scythian umbrella as a defensive cav archer civ with trade bonuses


You didn’t answer about the 48 civs limit ^^

For my point of view Alans had their influence more than Sogdians which disapeared in the IXth or being absorbed by Persians . For me Sogdiana is more northern Persia than a separate. Also it isn’t Scythians which would named but Sakas as it is more general rather than Scythians (and Samartians) . Alans are still around and could be a nice Cavalry civs as they invented the cataphract.

I agree for the Lombards but I think Italian has an umbrella. and Lombards could represent southern Italy pre normandy

Avarians and Pecheneg are not the same as Coumans and Huns… In that case rename the Hunsand the Turks.

For the Vandals , it is clear it is a naval civilisation but with different bonuses and architecture from the Vikings due to a different situation and also history. For me Onager ship would be fun.
**I add aslo the Nubians ( Alodia , Makuria and Nobatia) (Vth -XVth) **

48 is the available slots for was the same from the vanilla game to DE.

Somewhere I read that it was a 50 civ limit, then another time I heard that is was 40… nobody really knows the exact limit, but we know that it’s there.

Anyway, my guess is that we will get at best just one more civ, and that’s it.

There wouldn’t be any difference between pre-normabs south Italy and Italians…

If there have to be a civ to be added from the peninsula, I would instead go for the venetians. It was the only truly indipendent state after having broken out of the byzantine empire. It had internal prestige and was culturally different from other Italians states, descending neither from the longobards (like the Italians) nor from the vikings/franks (like the sicilians) but descending directly from the romans and with greek and slavic influences.

This is the limit as of now.


So 48 just like the old version of the game.

I really really hope we dont go back to Europe then. If anything if the hardcoded civ limit is still around then honestly the last 2 DLCs feel even more like a waste

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All DE civilizations are a waste.

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Tbh I think theres some well designed civs (Bulgarians, Tatars and Burgundians minus Flemish Rev are pretty damn great and Bohemians, Poles and Liths are okay) and I think having either Liths and Poles was necessary but yes, they are

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