The game AOE : DE doesn't start


The game AOE : DE doesn’t start at all : I click on Play and it’s load two second (the famous “Game lauched”) then, “Synchronisation” and then nothing. Is it a common issue, will it be fixed ?

It’s surely an excellent game, but if it doesn’t work on my computer, for me it will be complicated to keep it.

Thanks in advance for your answer(s) and your help,


PS: I deactivate my antivirus and firewall before testing. I’ve no error message and the only apps I’ve on my computer are … games, ofc.
Plateform : Steam

Update : When I search in local and try to launch the game from local storage I get this error :

In french but can be easily translated : “Impossible to execute code, because MFPlat.dll can’t be found”.

Please follow these steps. You’ll need to enable the Media Feature Pack.

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