The game crash, random disconnection

I had 5 crashes today. It’s kinda frustrating that I’m playing and mid game the game crashes. I paid 60 euro for the game and it’s not working properly. I will quit if this is not fixed. (I can run on my PC cyberpunk 2077 max settings so I don’t think that’s the problem).
I don’t like this “module” what every game company follows or some of them. We release a game what’s not functional and it takes us years to fix it, but yeah we selling it for 60 euro. I like the game it’s fun, I played it 230 hours but I got so many crashes, so many.

If the developers can’t fix than add a rejoin thing to the game, like you have 3 mins to rejoin the game or something.

Starcraft 2 has it, heroes of the strom has it why aoe4 doesn’t have one?

Hi @Knoky4143, I have the same game crashes when I play 4vs4, and I have a great PC running everything on ultra with games like Cyberpunk 2077 also, and this game for some reason crashes in a middle of 4vs4 matches (not always, maybe 1/8 matches). The think is that if I replay the match and I go to the second where the game was crashed for me, BOOM it crashes again. Can you check your saved games where you have this crashes and go for the last second to see if it happens also to you and find some common reason?

I’ve sent several messages on AOEIV support with the log warning and crashes but they are not helping me more than answering a default response mail saying we will contact you soon. Is so frustrating sending all information and not get any solution.

The rejoin thing would be for sure a great solution meanwhile they don’t know how to fix this crashes. I don’t even know if they are reading this forum.