The game crashes when I try to play the new campaigns

Hello, I need technical help, when I start a new campaign, the game simply loads the initial cinematic and then closes without showing any error code, please help

So basically your game is crashing into windows?
Did you try reinstalling another video driver?

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Hi, friend. Thanks for your time, before the last big update I played the campaigns normally, now when I start any campaign mission, whether the old ones or the new ones “The Sultans Ascend”, the game closes after the first cinematic. I have the latest game updates and the latest versions of the Video drivers.

Latest driver is not always is the best driver for your card. I experience issues with “latest” drivers a lot over the years with different cards. What is your video card?

However, you can try this: reinstall the whole game.

Personally I will delete the folder manually after you close Steam.
steamapps\common\Age of Empires IV\ - delete whole folder than delete C:\Users\your user name\Documents\My Games\Age of Empires IV - whole folder again.

Reopen Steam verify files of AoE4 - it will redownload whole game. Hopefully will fix it. You need to redo your game settings and controls after that.

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I have the game on Xbox PC, I used some similar tools, I reinstalled the game, I checked the integrity of the files, my video card is a 4070ti, I still can’t play the new expansion missions, honestly, it’s very frustrating