The game crashes while saving

By choosing the Chinese civilization (and only with that) it is impossible to save the current game, either by saving as soon as it has started or after a long playing time, which crashes without sending any kind of message.
This happens after the April patch, the May patch did not fix the problem.
With all other civilizations, maps and the game works smoothly.
I am not using any MODs.
I tried to attach the log in which at the bottom you can see the crash and the dxdiag file, but as a new user I am not allowed.
The game version is 5.0.14681.0

What should I do to unlock the possibility of attaching the logs?
It blocks me saying that I am a new user.

Thank you reporting this @SpiffyCoyote780! Best thing to do would be to contact support. You’ll be able to attach your logs there. Much appreciated!

A new patch has been released… but the bug isn’t fixed yet.

Haven’t you figured out yet that they don’t care?
They took the money and goodbye … only the online seasons and the little visual bugs count … never again a penny to these people!

I obviously can’t speak for everyone, but all the people I closely work with care very much.

There should be some improvement for this issue in the Season 3 update. Please reply back here if you still crash after that.