The game has gone out of sync error even after Update 14.43676

Update 14.43676
Steam / Microsoft Store
Windows 10

We use to play in teams of 6 or 8. When playing TREATY, long games, around 1 hour or more, before the latest update (14.43676) the game would consistently crash. When this update was released, we hoped it would be solved, but it was not. Although the game lasted longer, 1 hour and 22 minutes, it still crashed as can be seen on the print I am attaching to this post. HOPE YOU CAN SOLVE THIS, since it is very frustrating to crash a long game. A way to restart the game would be nice also, one the works, because the current takes too long and does not work.

:arrow_forward: REPRODUCTION STEPS

  1. Play treaty for one hour or more. Nothing else.
  2. No special step inside the game we could notice.

:arrow_forward: EXPECTED RESULT

  1. Fix the sync problem
  2. Implement a better way to return to games when 1 player crashes or when the game goes out of sync.

What better way ? it automatically opens a lobby and invites all people into it °-° How cna they amke it better?