The Game is Being Hacked Again

Here we go:

Come on devs!


Cannot believe what I’ve just seen. Hoping devs can fix this as quick as possible.

More evidence and people reporting their experiences here: AoEIII:DE Hacker Exposed - Page 2 - ESOCommunity (

Thanks for your report ComradeCmsr!

Any additional information can be submitted using our reporting tools in-game or by contacting Support.

While we can’t comment on disciplinary actions, we take cheating very seriously and thoroughly investigate reports of cheating.


Thanks for getting back to me!

You can see in the clip from Mayorcete that the game is ranked, and so cheats are definitely disabled. Secondly, I don’t know of any cheats that spawn Musketeers, as seen in the video by fitzbro, who is a notable member of the community. Both videos are showing cheating by the same user, but the ESOCommunity page shows that this might be a more endemic problem than the occasional bad egg. You also have to wonder how many cheaters are not getting caught because they’re not stupid and dont spawn monster trucks, instead spawning the extra unit or two or a resource crate or something.

Hope this gets seriously looked into, and should be a priority above anything else for the devs.


I think the hackers are banned i don’t see them on ladder for proof there are many images.

But Nevertheless i will post images of them hacking ,there are 2 hackers icedoubtjamal & some guy with ####### # ### #### ,Apart from that 1 guy was very toxic typing “gg ez” after using cheats & winning & ruining the ranked ladder.We suffered multiple casualties ,hope you guys fix it soon and make sure that this never happens again in future.



and all say in my treat i was stupid RTS games cant be hacked or cheated…

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i have say this about few months and all was laughing xD now it is true AOE 3 DE is a cheater paradise.

not a paradise… this will get patched out