Now finaly Cheaters enter AOE 3 DE…

After Crossplay was deactived no cheaters are in the game.

Now Crossplay is actived cheaters are back.

Steam version can use Cheat Engine to give them unlimeted resources etc.

GJ Devs

Lag switch are in the game too.

plz devs integrate a anti cheat modul…

Mark, if this were possible, why do you think there’s players competing in every Ensemble Studios game from AoE1 to AoM to AoE3?

Are you just projecting because you are a cheater?

There has never been need for anti-cheat modules in RTS games that are made properly like this, the reason is because of Out of Sync.

Mark, when you tried to cheat it causes either a) you will resign/lose, or b) the game will end and the lowest scores/team will lose.

The reason is every player is synchronized, when modifying something it will detect that you are different from the other player(s), then it causes out-of-sync. For custom games you can sometimes restore it but this is usually always caused by cheaters modifying resources or stats, or something similar. Even if you tried to fix this, eventually you would out-of-sync as you’d be performing weird actions such as dead units that you thought are alive and isn’t alive for everyone else.

There is currently not an issue with this, these things can only work in singleplayer. If so I don’t think any of these games would have lasted very long. This is why RTS like these have remained relatively safe for so long.

Lag switches doesn’t work well on these games, and you can just avoid any opponent. While ‘lagging’ the player simply can’t conduct any action and then has to reconnect. Usually devs can make penalties so if they lag out or try to pause the game they will run out of chances and lose.

The cheater market is mainly for mainstream FPS game with bad communities that allow it usually for making more $. Because a few things there aren’t synced such as player aiming, angles, etc. but usually things like player positions are safe and on a server.

The only cheating you can find usually are pre-advantage cheaters like: team stackers, map choosers, custom mode players, etc. and they try to stack odds in their favor, to make sure they win, but that’s technically just preference of bad players.

You are projecting, but there is no need for this and never has been need for it in RTS.

I’ve stopped playing legacy competitively when people spawn in hundreds of free units while only legit producing 80, or reaching over 100 villagers in under 15 minutes as Japanese. cheaters are a plague on legacy and its why I cant ever take match on it seriously.

and it has only gotten worse since then. cheaters need to be dealt with ruthlessly and quickly, if this game falls into the same pit of monster truck andys and 40 villager gendarme spam in 20 minutes, its dead.

out of sync itself is an exploit and should never happen due to someone cheating. the original devs monitored oos patterns diligently and banned anyone with suspicious patterns. ideally with dedicated servers only the person causing the oos is dropped and the match continues.

anti cheat is needed especially in an rts, and age of empires 3 legacy is a prime example of that.


“out of sync itself is an exploit”
It’s not an exploit.

“should never happen due to someone cheating”
It does happen when someone is cheating.

“the original devs monitored oos patterns”
I don’t know, maybe.

“100 villagers in under 15 minutes as Japanese”
And how? It will out-of-sync?

“monster truck andys”
Is this like when you enable actual cheat codes?

Lol. wut

“out of sync itself is an exploit
It’s not an exploit."

you can manually trigger oos in legacy using things like cheat engine, or injecting into memory. it is a common method to make games going against you crash for everyone. how is that not an exploit?

““should never happen due to someone cheating
It does happen when someone is cheating.”

and that’s the problem. cheaters can never lose if they have the ability to cause oos at will, which they currently do on legacy. with de if someone tries to oos, they should be 1. flagged for suspicious activity 2. the only ones dropped from the dedicated servers.

“the original devs monitored oos patterns
I don’t know, maybe."

they were pretty harsh with their penalties against patterns of oos, and took allegations of map hacks seriously. though when the studio was disbanded things went downhill pretty fast.

“100 villagers in under 15 minutes as Japanese
And how? It will out-of-sync?"

no and that’s the problem. they can choose to oos or use exploits in the game to give themselves free stuff or just win the game outright at 2 minutes. hackers are a plague on legacy and the community will not tolerate their presence on de.

“monster truck andys
Is this like when you enable actual cheat codes?"

there are at least hundreds if not thousands of games with cheat units in ranked games because people using exploits can do pretty much whatever they want in legacy. its why rank there is a joke and no one takes it seriously without mods like the esoc patch.


ok then say me:

Players after 1 min game Start age up

score for 100k+ after 10mins

units are arent kill enabel with correct anti unit

spamm units out and win resources everytime

build walls inside other walls and in a speed wtf with 1 settler without card in his deck

and many more.

And all they do this are Steam user not ms store users.

thought I’d never say this, but thanks for the MS Store version, gamepass PC version, etc. Their anticheat technology sometimes has gotten in the way but now you can add mods safely and it would only do good to many games that are cheaters galore :confused:

you have a build in anti cheat inside Windows 10

deactived crossplay you never get a cheater or a player who can do all this thinks

its only steam version ( i was stupid i buyed first in steam, after more and more rounds i buyed the ms store edition, after a friend say to me buy ms store and all rounds are ok )

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btw here a screen shot form the system settingswindos anit cheat

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where is it? I can’t find it in the Settings menu

after update to 20H1 windows version this settings was been removed and perma activeted in Windows 10 ( normal customer version pro and Home edition ) also you cant deactived it!

When you install a insider preview version you can find this settings in the delevoper section and its only for delevompend from programms or games.

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i did read a thread from chinese forum that teaching you how to modify the game file and avoid OOS so your opinion is too arbitrary, there should be some possibility that some normal players would match up with cheaters.

YES they are freely available on youtube if you can search, and that really sucks for the leagacy. too many unfair games in legacy. And cheats for legacy are probably still available on youtube Im almost certain about it. I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY want that doesn’t happen in DE.

If we had a seperate rank for custom games we could avoid these players like we did for 15 years in TAD.
Here is a example of me ousting one such cheater: Notice how my teammate instantly said ‘everyone blacklist him’.

The problem is with quicksearch, you CAN’T AVOID THEM. What will happen in 5, 6, 7 years when the mods leave?

show me a replay how can they cheat ? without cheats enabled

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this video shows only the standart cheats in game like: tuck tuck

and it works only when you click enable cheats.

This cheats what i mean are modifing the game files with the cheat engine!

@Krasitto5951 @MARKPHYTON

Its really easier than thought, to spawn units in Legacy

And its even more dumb how dumb the hack is, but it allows you to spawn whatever u want.
Hacks in Legacy Ruined it.

here a pic from a internet side!

I removed link to youtube video and link to this page.

and i see it works ( not self tested because i play fair! )

btw its works only for steam version not ms store version

Here is a way to actived or deactived Trueplay

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